Students Not Backing Down After Clashing with Cops Over Gaza Solidarity Camps

There will be no surrender!

Long live the fighters!


Fresh clashes between police and students opposed to Israel’s war in Gaza broke out on Thursday, raising questions about forceful methods being used to shut down protests that have intensified since mass arrests at Columbia University last week.

Over the past two days, law enforcement at the behest of college administrators have deployed Tasers and tear gas against students protesters at Atlanta’s Emory University, activists say, while officers clad in riot gear and mounted on horseback have swept away demonstrations at the University of Texas in Austin.

At Columbia, the epicenter of the U.S. protest movement, university officials are locked in a stalemate with students over the removal of a tent encampment set up two weeks ago as a protest against the Israeli offensive.

It’s a stalemate, alright.

Neither side is going to budget.

You can send in the National Guard and start using live ammo on the protesters, as Mike Johnson has threatened, but I’m not so sure that would end well. It sure didn’t work with Kent State.

The administration, which has already allowed an initial deadline for an agreement with students to lapse, has given protesters until Friday to strike a deal.

Other universities appear determined to prevent similar, long-running demonstrations to take root, opting to work with police to shut them down quickly and in some cases, with force.

Oh, the pigs? Using force against peaceful protesters?

How shocked I am!

I never would have guessed that the sole reason for the existence of US law enforcement is to enforce the dictates of the Jews!

This is such a shocking revelation!

The reason it’s so shocking is that no one would have expected it.

Overall, more than 530 arrests have been made in the last week across major U.S. universities in relation to protests over Gaza, according to a Reuters tally. University authorities have said the demonstrations are often unauthorized and called on police to clear them.

At Emory, police detained at least 15 people on its Atlanta campus, according to local media, after protesters began erecting a tent encampment in an attempt to emulate a symbol of vigilance employed by protesters at Columbia and elsewhere.

The local chapter of the activist group Jewish Voice for Peace said officers used tear gas and Tasers to dispense the demonstration and take some protesters into custody.

Video footage aired on FOX 5 Atlanta showed a melee breaking out between officers and some protesters, with officers using what appeared to be a stun gun to subdue a person and others wrestling other protesters to the ground and leading them away.

Similar scenarios unfolded on the New Jersey campus of Princeton University where officers swarmed a newly-formed encampment, video footage on social media showed.

Boston police earlier forcibly removed a pro-Palestinian encampment set up by Emerson College, arresting more than 100 people, media accounts and police said.

The latest clashes came a day after police in riot gear and on horseback descended on hundreds of student protesters at the University of Texas at Austin and arrested dozens of them.

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But he’ll send pigs on horseback to beat the shit out of peaceful protesters, who dare to question his previous foreign state in the Middle East.

But prosecutors on Thursday dropped charges against most of the 60 people taken into custody, mostly on misdemeanor charges of criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct, and said they would proceed with only 14 of those cases.

Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union have condemned the arrest of protesters and urged authorities to respect their free speech rights.

But some Republicans in Congress have accused university administrators of allowing Jewish students to be harassed, putting increasing pressure on schools to tightly control any demonstrations and to block any semi-permanent encampment.

These are all of the same arguments used by the left when they were shutting down freedom of speech on campus. They claimed that “students of color” and “anal students” felt “unsafe.”

It’s play-by-play, the exact same thing.

These cocksuckers said they were against “cancel culture,” and here they are.

They were never supporters of freedom of speech. No one in the government supports free speech. It was just easy and cost nothing to whine about “snowflakes” on university campuses “canceling conservatives.”

The Republicans are truly the lowest of worms.