Republicans Nearly Evenly Divided Over Arizona’s 1864 Abortion Ban, According to Poll

This creates a big problem for Donald Trump, apparently.

Or maybe it’s no problem? He’s both pro and anti abortion, so I guess everyone can agree with him.

The Guardian:

Republicans are nearly evenly divided over the Arizona supreme court’s decision to uphold an 1864 law that would ban almost all abortions, new polling shows.

Forty-nine per cent of Republicans strongly or somewhat disapprove of the decision, while 46% of Republicans strongly or somewhat approve of it, according to polling of more than 1,000 likely voters released on Tuesday by the left-leaning thinktank Data for Progress. That split reflects the GOP’s identity crisis over post-Roe v Wade abortion politics, as Republican politicians have struggled to talk about an issue that was once their bread-and-butter but has become increasingly toxic for them.

Before the US supreme court overturned Roein 2022, the GOP embraced abortion bans and passed scores of restrictions that, now that Roe has fallen, have been able to take full effect and cut off access to the procedure for millions of women. But most Americans believe abortion should at least be available in the first trimester of pregnancy and, powered by outrage over Roe’s demise, abortion-rights supporters have won multiple red-state ballot measures to protect abortion rights.

Some Republican officials and candidates have since attempted to moderate their stance on abortion; multiple Arizona Republicans with a history of anti-abortion beliefs denounced the Arizona supreme court decision. However, Republicans in the state legislature also blocked an effort to repeal the 1864 abortion ban, which would only permit abortions in cases where the pregnant person’s life was in danger and does not have exceptions for rape or incest.

People used to say “oh well, of course Trump serves Israel, but at least he’s good on domestic policy.”

But if he’s supporting abortion (up to 16 weeks!), then is he really good on domestic policy?

Does anyone think he’s going to stop immigration, after not doing it the first time?

And how is he going to fix the economy when we’re involved in all these wars?

What is the appeal of Donald Trump at this point? Like, even if you thought elections were real (i.e., if you were retarded), why would you care?