Parents Outraged After Drag Queen Performs at New Mexico High School Prom

This simply follows logically.

I don’t know what people expected when they went along with the legalization of homosexuality and then the legalization of “anal marriage.”

If gays are very normal people, there is no reason they shouldn’t be doing sex shows in high schools.

New York Post:

Parents were left fuming last week when a scantily-clad drag queen performed at a New Mexico high school senior prom.

A viral video from Atrisco Heritage Academy High School’s senior prom showed the drag artist — identified by local outlets as Mythica Sahreen — dancing as dozens of teenagers watched on.

Some girls even joined in on the fun and danced with Sahreen, who wore a bodysuit and thigh-high boots and padded pantyhose to give the illusion of larger hips.

The kids’ parents, however, slammed the show as “lewd” and “highly inappropriate,” and were left questioning how the school administration could have invited such a performer for the teenage party.

Why were the parents not warned that this was going to be happening at a school function? It’s still a school function, parents should still be made aware of the situation whether it’s a dance at school, sports, parents should be made aware of what is happening,” Morgan, the mother of a student at Atrisco Heritage Academy High School, told KRQE News 13.

How the drag queen was invited to the prom remains a mystery — but the school’s principal has since been quietly replaced at Atrisco Heritage Academy High School.

Everyone understands that the government is now involved in a program to force children to become trannies or at least gay.

For a lot of them, it is about trying to stop global warming by reducing the population. Others are simply Jewish.