Nebraska: Police Catch Female Teacher Having Sex with Student in Car

Erin Ward

Oh jeez, oh man oh man, jeez.

A teacher having sex with a student?

The innocent little child was only 17?

This is like another Holocaust.

New York Post:

A Nebraska substitute teacher was caught naked in a car with a teen student — who tried to flee but crashed and ran from the scene in his underwear, cops said.

Erin Ward, 45, was scooped up Saturday night after she was found in the buff with a 17-year-old male student from the Omaha high school where she taught, according to the Douglas County Sheriff’s department.

Police caught up with the married sub after receiving a call about a suspicious car parked down a dead end around at about 3 a.m. that night.

Deputies found two people in the backseat, WOWT reported, before the panicked teen scrambled to the front seat and took off driving.

About two blocks later he wrecked the car before running into the night.

Running into the night, you say?

I’m a bit of a night runner myself.

You might be asking “why would he run? Is this even illegal?”

The answer is “I don’t know but probably not.”

It’s just that cops are niggers and people just assume when the cops show up that these retards are going to kill them.

I assume the kid was also black.