Florida: Colored Middle Schooler Sucker Punches White Girl as Hordes of Kids Cheer

It’s their culture.

New York Post:

A Florida middle school student has been caught on camera knocking a fellow classmate to the ground before savagely pummeling her in the head in front of hordes of cheering kids.

The violent beatdown unfolded at Sebastian Middle School, just outside of Jacksonville, back in February but footage of the attack only started circulating widely on social media this week.

In the shocking clip, shared on X by Libs of TikTok, the female student was filmed approaching her unsuspecting victim from behind in the school hallway — as a group of students made barking and jeering sounds in the background.

As a crowd of classmates cheered her on, the attacker was filmed taking off her backpack and repeatedly striking the girl in the head and upper body as she covered on the floor.

The instigator was “disciplined and subsequently removed from the school” immediately after the violent beatdown, according to a spokesperson for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

There were white kids cheering.

This girl might have had it coming, frankly.