Clearing the Ruins of Gaza Could Take 14 Years, UN Expert Says

It might take human rights groups 14 years to clear this out. But the Jewish real estate developers, who think they’re going to control this beachfront property, will bring in Pakistani slave workers and have the place cleared out in less than 14 weeks.

That is assuming they are able to remove the Palestinians, which it currently appears they are not able to do.

The Guardian:

Israel’s war in Gaza has created 37m tonnes of debris, much of it laced with unexploded bombs, which could take more than a decade to remove, a top UN demining official said.

Nearly seven months into the war, there is an average 300kg of rubble per square metre of land in Gaza, Pehr Lodhammar, the former UNMAS chief for Iraq, told a news conference.

Based on the current [amount] of debris in Gaza, with 100 trucks we are talking about 14 years of work … to remove it,” he said. With the war continuing, it was impossible to estimate how long clearance might take at its end, he added.

Israel has been accused of “domicide” over the intensity of its bombing campaign in Gaza, which has reduced large swathes of the strip to ruins. Sixty-five per cent of the buildings destroyed in Gaza were residential, Lodhammar said.

The rest were hospitals, schools, and mosques. Commercial buildings were not usually standalone buildings, they were just on the first floor of the residential buildings.

Clearing and rebuilding them will be slow and dangerous work because of the threat from shells, missiles or other weapons buried in collapsed or damaged buildings. On average around 10% of weapons failed to detonate when they were fired, Lodhammar said, and had to be removed by demining teams.

Israeli attacks have killed 34,000 Palestinians, the majority of them women and children, in nearly seven months, according to Gaza’s health authorities. Israel launched the war in response to the 7 October attack when Hamas killed 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and took 250 hostage.

This is what hell looks like.

The Jews are the children of Satan, and they manifested a hell on earth in Gaza.

People who look at this should understand: they don’t think you’re any better than the Gazans. We are all “goyim” to the Jews.