Brandon Calls Chinese People “Bad Folks” Who Do “Bad Things,” Threatens to Hurt Them

Yeah, Chinese are bad people and have economic problems.

Says Joe Biden, the leader of the internally collapsing “Anal Empire.”

New York Post:

President Joe Biden ominously called China a “ticking time bomb,” warning “bad folks” can “do bad things,” according to a pool report of the Thursday fundraiser.

The full context of Biden’s menacing forecast was not clear, though the pool report said he noted China’s high unemployment and aging population.

When bad folks have problems, they do bad things,” Biden said at the Park City, Utah, home of Mark Gilbert, a former US ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa.

The 80-year-old president also said he wanted to have a “rational relationship with China,” declaring “I don’t want to hurt China, but I’m watching,” according to the pool report.

“I don’t want to have to hurt you…”



It’s unclear what exact flashpoints Biden may have been considering, though US officials fear Chinese President Xi Jinping may one day attempt to end Taiwan’s de facto independence by force, and unify the island with the Communist-controlled mainland.

The White House has set “pen and pad” ground rules for pool reporters allowed into Biden’s fundraisers, which can delay the dissemination of remarks that are ultimately put into official transcripts.

Biden is known to be more candid with audiences at fundraisers — even stoking a diplomatic spat with Beijing by referring to Xi as a “dictator” at a June forum with donors.

They’re not going to apologize for racism.

You’re allowed to be racist against the Chinese now (as opposed to a couple years ago, when that was still evil), just like you were allowed to be racist against Moslems after 911 and how you were allowed to be racist against whites… since the Holocaust and slavery.