At Least 40 Campuses Across America Have Gaza Solidarity Encampments

The revolution has just begun.

Right now, the cops are being sent in to brutalize the protesters in all of these camps. But there are more of us than there are cops.

Eventually, they’re going to have to do what Mike Johnson is calling for, and send in the National Guard to use live ammo – and then the real revolution will begin.

Give us martyrs, Johnson. Please.

The Guardian:

At least 40 pro-Palestine protest camps have arisen across US campuses following Columbia University’s example earlier this month.

While many remain provocative though peaceful, demanding a ceasefire in Gaza and divestment by their institutions from companies with ties to Israel, hundreds of students and outside protesters have been arrested, and there have been some fierce clashes with police.

At least 100 more students were arrested overnight into Friday, mostly at Emerson College in Boston, while two dozen were taken into custody at Ohio State University.

In Columbus, Ohio, videos show state troopers clashing with protesters gathering on campus on Thursday night. The police ordered protesters to vacate, and those who refused to leave were arrested and charged with criminal trespass, said university spokesperson Benjamin Johnson, citing rules prohibiting overnight events.

Police with shields approached the crowd of about 250 at about 10pm on Thursday. Students were forming a protective circle around the encampment before officials took the protesters to the arrest vans, according to the Lantern. The crowd continued to wave flags and chant “let them pray”.

On Tuesday, two Ohio State students had been arrested in a separate on-campus protest. One of the protesters arrested was unaffiliated with the university, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Meanwhile, police forcibly cleared a tent encampment at Emerson College, in Boston, with officers arresting 108 people, according to the Berkeley Beacon student newspaper. Videos showed police beating protesters and dragging students to the ground.

The number of campus protest encampments have grown to more than 40 across the nation, NBC’s Today reported on Friday morning.

This news article is 12 hours old and they were probably using information that was 12 hours old. It’s Saturday, and more of these camps will be opening.

It’s going to be on every campus, and the filthy pigs will be attacking all of them, and failing to shut anything down.

Sending in the cops to beat the shit out of people for their speech is the first line of defense for the Jews. The soldiers with serious guns are going to come out soon.