America Gives Long Range ATACMS Missiles to the Ukraine

They pronounce “ATACMS” as “Attack-ems.” I cannot ever explain to you how much I resent this acronym.

It’s too much. Too much.


The United States in recent weeks secretly shipped long-range missiles to Ukraine for use in its battle to fight off Russian invaders, and Ukraine has now used them twice, a U.S. official said on Wednesday.

The missiles were contained in a $300 million military aid package for Ukraine that U.S. President Joe Biden approved on March 12, said the U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity. The official would not say how many of the missiles were sent.

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan, at a briefing for reporters, confirmed that a “significant number” of the missiles had been sent to Ukraine and said “we will send more.”

He said Ukraine has committed to only use the weapons inside Ukraine, not in Russia.

Some of the missiles were contained in a $1 billion weapons package for Ukraine that President Joe Biden approved on Wednesday, Sullivan said.

The missiles were used for the first time in the early hours of April 17, launched against a Russian airfield in Crimea that was about 165 km (103 miles) from the Ukrainian front lines, the official said.

The official said Ukraine used the weapon a second time overnight against Russian forces in southeastern Ukraine.

Whether to send the Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) with a range up to 300 km was a subject of debate within the Biden administration for months. Mid-range ATACMS were supplied last September.

The Pentagon initially opposed the long-range missile deployment, fearing the loss of the missiles from the American stockpile would hurt U.S. military readiness. There were also concerns that Ukraine would use them to attack targets deep inside Russia.

Yes, they are going to use them to murder civilians deep inside Russia. There is a 100% chance of that, and everyone knows it.

The Ukraine has switched into a terrorist mode, because they have had zero victories on the battlefield. That’s the only thing they can do now, and I’m sure the Americans like the idea of “causing suffering to the Russian people so that they turn against Putin,” even though it is very obvious that this will not work.