Woman Stabs 3 People in Atlanta Airport


Women these days.

Back in my day, a woman wouldn’t dare stab more than one person at the airport.

Now they’re just going all out.

New York Post:

A knife-wielding woman allegedly stabbed three people — including a police lieutenant — inside Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Wednesday, according to officials.

Frightening footage showed the woman, identified by WSBTV as Damaris Milton, 44, waving the blade at approaching officers as travelers stood within feet of her, only separated by glass.

Police were alerted around 4:45 p.m. to the armed woman who stood outside the security checkpoint near the airport’s south terminal, which features domestic flights.

Milton’s alleged stabbing spree started when she attacked her taxi driver upon her arrival at the airport, before police tried to keep her in one area and “limit her movement.”

As police attempted to talk Milton into dropping the knife, she allegedly stabbed an airport clerk and an APD lieutenant in the leg.

All three victims are in stable condition and suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Milton was arrested and taken into custody following the stabbings.

As she should be.

Women who do things like this deserve nothing less than arrest.