“Woke” People More Likely to Suffer from Depression, Anxiety, And Unhappiness

In general, people who go around complaining about things that don’t have any affect on their own personal lives are projecting personal problems onto these things.

Obviously, right-wingers also complain about things. But just go through the list of the things the Daily Stormer complains about. It’s all things that you can say clearly affect our personal lives directly, or have the clear potential to. Although a lot of people get into right-wing politics because they are unhappy, they look for issues relating to the cause of their unhappiness, such as the lack of the viability of marriage and family, economic problems, immigrants and junkies on the streets, all the various other threats to social cohesion, government intrusion into people’s personal lives, and so on. With every right-wing issue, you can say “I care about this because it affects me and/or my family and people I care about.”

There is no “woke” issue that has any real world affect on people’s lives. No white woman is affected by George Floyd’s death or Russian annexation of the Donbass.

I guess the one exception might be abortion, as modern women really do need that, personally. But that’s also an older issue that women have supported ever since it became technically possible to do a safe abortion. (I guess with the virus hoax, they also believed they were going to die if everyone wasn’t force-vaxed, though that’s also a different category, and anyway, it was easily shown to be a hoax, so anyone who believed it did so because they like believing in lies.) None of the rest of these issues even have a remote potential of affecting the lives of the people promoting them.

New York Post:

Psychological researchers in Finland have created an assessment to help measure an individual’s commitment to principles of social justice and made some surprising findings across the Finnish population — including a negative correlation between progressive ideals and levels of happiness.

Their findings, published in the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, suggest other Western nations may see similar patterns among their socially conscious citizens.

Study author Oskari Lahtinen, a senior researcher at the INVEST Research Flagship Centre at the University of Turku, remarked that the “woke” discourse has since worked its way into Finnish discourse.

“This debate was largely data-free and it could thus be considered a worthwhile question to study how prevalent these attitudes are,” he continued. “No reliable and valid instrument existed prior to the study to assess the extent and prevalence of these attitudes in different populations, so I set out to develop one.”

Their research trajectory included extensive reading on intersectional feminism, critical race theory, queer theory, and other relevant academic disciplines that inform critical social justice, PsyPost reports.

However, the most concerning finding was the relationship between mental health and agreement with the scale. Specifically, researchers found a high prevalence of anxiety and depression in people who believe the statement “If white people have on average a higher income than black people, it is because of racism.” More broadly, they found that those who identified as left-wing were most likely to report lower mental well-being.

In order to believe in “racism” as it is defined in the mainstream – an irrational and blind hatred of strangers because of the color of their skin – you have to have very serious mental problems.

These findings are very obvious, but of course, no one would ever say it, because the general sentiment is that white women will become happy if normal white men are made to suffer.

All of these issues, you will find, are about making white men suffer. Women are sadistic. It doesn’t make them happy, but they get a rush from hurting men who somehow remind them of their fathers. Just look at the Ukraine thing. This whole story is “look at that Putin guy, he’s a white man with self-respect who believes in Jesus and social normalcy – he’s just like an evil father figure.”

Thanks, Finland.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.