Watch: Israeli Tanks Prancing Around Gaza City Like Faggots, Shooting at Civilian Cars Trying to Flee

They’re not gonna get out of the tanks.

This is a staged photo-op.

The Guardian:

Israeli tanks have reached the outskirts of Gaza City and cut off a road that connects north and south of the territory, signalling a potential effort to surround its main city.

Witnesses said tanks entered the Zaytun district on Monday morning and posted footage of what appeared to be the shelling of a car. “They have cut the Salah al-Din road and are firing at any vehicle that tries to go along it,” said one resident, Agence France-Presse reported.

The tank driver yelled: “this is for my uncle who the Germans turned into soap 80 years ago!” before opening fire on the civilian vehicle attempting to flee the violence.

Israel issued a statement saying: “how can you expect a man to remain calm if his uncle was turned into a bar of soap 80 years ago in Germany? Our men are under extreme pressure because of the Holocaust.”

Hamas fighters were attempting to block the incursion, Hazem Qasem, a Hamas spokesperson, told reporters. “The Palestinian resistance attacked the Israeli tanks in Salah al-Din street.” The area is about 2 miles from the Gaza fence.

The fighting followed another night of heavy bombardment and came two days after Israel expanded ground incursions. Nearly three dozen trucks entered the territory in the south.

Not an invasion.

Border incursion.

Mind the mines.

The Israel Defence Forces were “gradually moving ahead according to plan”, the IDF’s chief military spokesperson, Daniel Hagari, told a press briefing, adding that the IDF had killed dozens of Hamas militants in overnight clashes and struck more than 600 “terror targets”, including weapons depots and anti-tank missile launching positions, in recent days.


No proof.

Dozens of children, and I’m sure more than that.

A rocket launched from Gaza hit a factory near the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon.

Is the “Iron Dome” turned off?

Footage from al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City showed people who had recently died laid on the ground in white shrouds. Some shrouds contained the dismembered remains of several people, Salama Maarouf, the head of the Hamas-run media office, told Al Jazeera.

Dozens of the bodies could not be identified – in some cases because entire families had been killed – and were to be buried in a mass grave, he said. “We do not know their identity on this earth, but they are known in the heavens,” he said.

The bombardment has killed more than 8,300 people in Gaza, according to the Hamas-run health ministry. More children have been killed in Gaza in the past three weeks than the total killed in conflicts around the world in every year since 2019, Save the Children said.

Thank you for reporting this, Guardian.

Your contribution to the global anti-Semitic agenda will not soon be forgotten.

In terms of this whole thing… it’s just spectacle.

Hamas already blew up a tank with an RPG.

You can’t fire at individuals popping out of tunnels with a tank gun. There’s a reason a “tank gun” is not called a “rifle.”

What Israel promised was a mass ground invasion by infantry units and urban warfare that would result in the destruction of Hamas and their tunnels. They have a few tanks driving around non-urban areas and blowing up civilian vehicles randomly.

This is like promising someone a diamond and then throwing a brick at their car. It’s not the same thing, at all.

Basically, Israel said all this shit about a ground invasion, now they have to do something, so they’re doing this. It’s already been admitted that the State Department told them they can’t do a real invasion.

If the tanks are just killing more random kids and families, Israel is no closer to “wiping out Hamas.”

There are not a squad’s worth of Jews on the planet who would descend into the tunnels. Jews would prefer to defect and join Islam.