Watch: Hundreds of Thousands of Palestine Supporters March in London

It’s over for the Jews.

They’re gonna get run out as they did so many times before.

The Guardian:

Hundreds of thousands of people marched through central London in a pro-Palestinian march on Saturday demanding a permanent ceasefire, a day after the exchange of hostages held in Gaza for prisoners held in Israel amid a four-day temporary ceasefire.

Protesters old and young chanted for a ceasefire as they marched down Park Lane to Whitehall, some draped with Palestinian flags, donning keffiyehs and armed with “Free Palestine” signs and olive branches.

Organisers of Saturday’s march, which has drawn hundreds of thousands of demonstrators to London’s streets and elsewhere in the UK since the conflict began, said the temporary truce showed that a permanent ceasefire was possible.

“We welcome the fact that Israeli women and children and Palestinian women and children, who have been held in illegal detention, have been returned to their families,” Ben Jamal, the director of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, said.

But without a permanent ceasefire, the message being given by Israel and by governments who do not press them for a permanent ceasefire … to Palestinians in Gaza is you have a temporary stay of execution.”

Throughout the march, stretching down Park Lane and on to Whitehall, protesters repeatedly chanted: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” The phrase, which refers to land between the Mediterranean Sea and River Jordan, is often used in support of Palestine, but some say it is widely understood as a demand for the destruction of Israel.

Among the vast crowd was 29-year-old Alaïa, holding a sign saying: “They wanted to erase Palestine from the world, so the whole world became Palestine.”

“It’s like saying that you’re being compassionate and you give someone water for a day just to kill them four days after,” she said, adding that the UK government’s decision not to call for a ceasefire made her feel sick to her stomach.

There are Jews there?

Of course the Jews are there, protesting against themselves.

Jews are on every side of anything.

Do you know Jews have tried to infiltrate my website to become the top anti-Semites?

This happened and it’s on record. That Jew, I forget his name, he did something and went to prison and it was all in the media.

Actually, I think there might have been two Jews.

We will know when I do a “Complete History of the Daily Stormer.”

The cops arrested the communists, like this is the 1950s.

Kinda weird.

You know, growing up as a kid hearing about communists getting arrested, I never expected to see communists getting arrested again.