Watch: Angry Woman Smashes Window That Displays Pro-Israel Sign in Pittsburgh

The Jews are doing an abysmal job at PR. The massacres themselves are terrible PR, but they somehow can’t seem to get any “pogrom” narrative together against the people resisting them.

The funniest thing is that I could do a really good job running Jewish PR. I think they’re probably using AI for it now, and it’s not working at all.

New York Post:

Shocking surveillance video captures the moment a woman used a hammer to bash the front window of a Pittsburgh business that displayed a sign reading, “We stand with Israel.”

The hateful vandal approached Marvista Design + Build on Beechwood Boulevard in the heavily Jewish-populated Squirrel Hill neighborhood about 3:50 a.m. Friday and repeatedly struck the window where the sign hung, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

Was the vandal hateful? Or just mad about Jews slaughtering babies?

This wasn’t just a Jewish business – it was covered in “we stand with Israel” signs.

Haven’t the Jews themselves claimed that “Israel is not the same thing as Jews”?

Is it really a good idea to equate people who are anti-genocide to the Daily Stormer, Jews?

Unable to shatter the glass, the woman left but returned a few minutes later and continued to strike it before grabbing the sign and then smashing the windows of a company truck.

When police arrived, the unidentified woman had already left.

Michael “Shlomo” Jacobs, 53, the business’s owner, said he was alarmed by the rage exhibited by the woman in the neighborhood, which contains the largest Jewish population in Pittsburgh.


“My name is Michael, but I go by ‘Shlomo.'”

If you look at the video, the anger in those swings is deeply concerning for not only myself but for the Jewish community,” Jacobs told Fox News on Monday.

He said the sounds of the hammer hitting the window were so loud that neighbors reported hearing gunshots.

The aggression that we are seeing right now and the antisemitism and the hate has escalated to an unbelievable level right now that we’ve never seen in our lifetime,” Jacobs said.


But also right now, the Jews that you are supporting are launching an attack on a hospital filled with refugees. They’ve encircled the hospital so that the people in it can’t bury their dead. They don’t have electricity (let alone space) to refrigerate the dead, so you’re forcing them to be in closed quarters with rotting, stinking corpses.

A lot of these corpses are children’s corpses, bloating up and rotting, spreading stench and disease through a crowded refugee camp. They went to the hospital because they didn’t think you would attack a hospital filled with kids.

You’re doing this while claiming you’re fighting for freedom or democracy or whatever.

I don’t exactly know how it’s possible that you could imagine people wouldn’t get mad about this?

No one has ever done anything like this Gaza assault in history that we know of, and they certainly haven’t done it in the age of electronic media.

Do you see how crying about a broken window makes you look really callous, and basically, you look like an evil monster?

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.