Washington: School Denies Kids Prayer Club One Week After Approving Anal Club

What is Mike Johnson doing about anal clubs and banned Christian clubs?

Mike Johnson is the most powerful elected Republican, and all he wants to do is spy on you and promote endless wars in your name. Meanwhile, your kids are banned from believing in God and forced to have anal sex with men.

Apparently, a lot of these Christians really love Jews, however. In the case that you’re a Christian, and you start worshiping the people who killed Jesus, you’re probably going to get what you deserve.

America, apparently, is getting what it deserves.

Christian Post:

An elementary school in Washington state has been accused of discrimination for prohibiting the creation of an interfaith prayer student club while allowing a pride student group to meet on campus.

The First Liberty Institute (FLI) sent a complaint letter to the Board of Directors of Issaquah School District 411 on behalf of two students, identified as “L.A.W. and J.W.” earlier this month.

At issue was a decision by Creekside Elementary School of Issaquah to reject an application for an interfaith prayer club, even though several other non-religious student clubs have been approved.

FLI Associate Counsel Kayla Toney, one of the two signatories of the complaint letter, told The Christian Post on Monday that her organization became aware of the situation shortly after the application was rejected.

“After L.A.W.’s prayer club was denied, her family reached out to a friend of ours in the religious liberty movement, and he connected them with us,” she said.

The girl who wanted to start the prayer club

Toney also told CP she believes “public schools have often excluded religious activity because of a phantom fear of violating the Establishment Clause,” based on “misguided theories.”

“The Supreme Court held in Kennedy v. Bremerton School District that the long-criticized Lemon Test was officially overruled and must no longer be used to erase religion from public life, particularly in public schools,” Toney said.

“Even before Kennedy, the Supreme Court consistently upheld the long tradition of voluntary student-led religious activity in public schools. For example, in Good News Club v. Milford Central School in 2001, the Court found that a public school violated the First Amendment when it excluded a Christian club from an elementary school while allowing other non-curricular clubs.”

Toney noted that the tradition of allowing religious activity on public school property “means that L.A.W. and J.W. have a constitutionally protected right to start an interfaith prayer club, with the same recognition and benefits that other clubs enjoy.”

“Separation of church and state” is not even in the Constitution. There is no reason you’re not allowed to pray at school. This is totally fake. Americans prayed in schools for hundreds of years.

The Jews invented this ban on prayer, saying that invoking Christ offends.

But apparently these Christians love the Jews, despite the fact that the Jews are responsible for everything they hate.

A prayer club isn’t gonna do much here…