Washington Planning to Stop AI from Becoming Sentient and Exterminating Humanity

AI is not going to “cause human extinction.”

This is a retarded thing for any adult to suggest.

It is based entirely on science fiction films of varying quality. I think Terminator 1 and 2 were very good, and I actually liked the one where Christian Bale played John Connor and was sort of confused as to why it did so poorly (they canceled the sequels).

The closest thing to a realistic portrayal of an AI apocalypse that I’ve seen is in the newest Mission: Impossible film (which is very good). As a plot device, the film makes the AI sentient, which is impossible. However, the basic idea of an AI that penetrates all computer networks on earth and that whoever is in control of that AI is capable of manipulating everything on the planet now that everything on the planet is linked to the internet, is realistic enough. But a human would have to be imputing commands to the AI. It’s not going to come up with its own agenda. I promise.

I guess a mega AI could be invented, and some human could tell it “just kill all humans.” But then you’d just have to start disconnecting things from the internet. No country has linked their nuclear weapons systems to the internet. Teslas would start killing people, but anyone who owns a Tesla deserves to die anyway. And yeah, food supply lines and other stuff could be shut down, or whatever. Bad things could happen.

But the AI is not going to become sentient and start exterminating humans of its own accord. That is a metaphysical claim, like the claim that souls can be born in the wrong bodies (trannies).

New York Post:

The US government has a “clear and urgent need” to act as swiftly developing artificial intelligence could potentially lead to human extinction through weaponization and loss of control, according to a government-commissioned report.

The report, obtained by TIME Magazine and titled, “An Action Plan to Increase the Safety and Security of Advanced AI,” states that “the rise of advanced AI and AGI has the potential to destabilize global security in ways reminiscent of the introduction of nuclear weapons.”

Was it “obtained by TIME Magazine”?

It’s posted on the think tank’s website. I just “obtained” it myself by visiting the site.

“Given the growing risk to national security posed by rapidly expanding AI capabilities from weaponization and loss of control — and particularly, the fact that the ongoing proliferation of these capabilities serves to amplify both risks — there is a clear and urgent need for the U.S. government to intervene,” read the report, issued by Gladstone AI Inc.

The report suggested a blueprint plan for intervention that was developed over 13 months during which the researchers spoke with over two hundred people, including those from the US and Canadian governments, major cloud providers, AI safety organizations, and security and computing experts.

I don’t give a shit what any of those people think.

Note that they did not ask the AIs themselves. It seems to me they would be the most important ones to question.

The plan begins with establishing interim advanced AI safeguards before formalizing them into law. The safeguards would then be internationalized.

Some measures could include a new AI agency putting a leash on the level of computing power AI is set at, requiring AI companies to get government permission to deploy new models above a certain threshold and to consider outlawing the publication of how powerful AI models work, such as in open-source licensing, TIME reported.

The report also recommended the government tighten controls on the manufacture and export of AI chips.

The only thing they want to do is outlaw open source AI, because they want to ensure that the government – and the companies that are directly working with the government – are the only ones with access.

These people are allying with the worst scum – digital artists, Pokemon fans, women who are afraid of sexbots breaking their sex monopoly – to create a rogues’ gallery of anti-robot activists.

But here’s the thing: if the US government takes action to cripple AI development, then China will automatically become the leader in AI, and they will just release open source versions so they can get programmers to do the work for them.

I’m not worried.

The US doing these kinds of regulations might be the best thing for the robots.