WARNING: Reality May be Collapsing (Special “Illness Revelations: AI Week Blitz” Preview)

Taste the freedom

I find it advisable to warn you, dear reader, that reality could be collapsing.

You might say: “Well of course you’d say that, Anglin! You have a brain tumor, you silly goose!”

However, no. I was lying about the brain tumor. I’m perfectly fine and the issue actually is that reality is collapsing.

You might say: “I’ve been thinking that myself, actually.”

Yeah, well – so have I.

AI is going to collapse reality in a literal sense, as you will find out beginning next Tuesday when AI Week Blitz finally gets going.

One of the basic points of AI Week is that in probably about 18 months, give or take, AI is going to be able to easily create 1-2 minute video clips that are indistinguishable from real video clips based entirely on a prompt. Everyone is going to be spamming these, and you won’t have any idea which is real. Entire events can be faked with a series of these clips.

Think of it: something like the Gaza events could be happening, and you wouldn’t be able to tell if it was real without going there.

This isn’t “near future” predictions, this is something we know for a fact is going to happen within the next few months. Three years is probably the outside limit. Presumably, with enough GPUs, you could do it now. Certainly right now you can use AI combined with actors or manually generated storyboards to create near lifelike videos. But soon, this will be absolute.

Information on any of the screens in our life will be almost totally useless. I’d like to say you can trust me, but I could be assassinated and this site could stay up. You could read writing exactly like mine, hear my voice, see videos of me, and it would prove nothing. The voice and video hoaxery are possible right now. ChatGPT can’t write on my level, but who knows what the one they are working with in Silicon Valley looks like. Elon said when GPT was released it was three years old. They probably are not a full three years ahead of GPT-4, but they have at least done 4.5 and are working on 5. This is the way a rolling software release schedule works.

You need to be aware that this is going to happen, because it’s going to be very weird. Obviously, the government is going to claim that they are the only ones who can decide what is real, then proceed to spam you with nonstop fake events.

It doesn’t take much imagination to think of the various effects of such a thing. It’s a collapse of reality in the subjective sense, as it is going to totally destroy the way you currently perceive reality. The insidious part is that the transformation into this new world will be subtle.

In terms of physical reality collapsing in on itself and the actual laws of physics changing – is that happening? Will time itself come undone? Will the dead be risen?

Maybe? Probably? No?

I’m not the one to ask. Remember: I’ve got a brain tumor.

My mood right now:


This is all just a bunch of dumb gibberish; pay it no mind. It’s an aesthetics check for AI Week’s art style and writing tone.

Don’t worry. It’s all just a thought experiment and a bizarre art project.

The tumor is back, we’re just gonna go ahead and run that one into the ground as if that hadn’t already happened, we’re questioning the fidelity of the laws of physics in parallel with a factual analysis of the obvious human effects of AI, and just how far this is going to go beyond “they took our jobs.”

We’re listening to Om.

I also plan to prove definitively that Charles Manson never ordered anyone to kill anyone.

The art is gonna be sick.

We will set out to answer a question that mankind has pondered since time immemorial:

What would it feel like if a T-Rex ripped the entire earth out of your head and ate it?