Walmart Seeing Surge in Hostile Encounters with Shoplifters

What the hell kind of a person would rob a Walmart?

My money is on the Palestinians.

New York Post:

Walmart’s push to crack down on shoplifting at self-checkout counters with anti-theft technology has led to a surge in “hostile” encounters between hourly workers and shoppers, according to a report.

The big-box chain — one of many retailers battling increasing theft that has eaten into their bottom lines — has armed employees with handheld devices that track purchases at self-checkout registers, an Insider report revealed.

However, the workers claim they are not properly trained to handle sticky-fingered shoppers, many of whom have hurled things at them or become aggressive when confronted for not scanning all their purchases, the outlet reported.

“It’s really uncomfortable, and it becomes, like, a safety issue,” one Walmart employee in Illinois told Insider.

In-store theft has become a pernicious problem for retailers across the country, resulting in major chains shuttering stores hard-hit locations.

Nikki Haley said that if we didn’t stop the Palestinians over there, they’d come over here.

Now they’re already here, ganking toiletries from our Walmarts.

If only we’d listened.

Now… now it’s too late.