VICE Media Lays Off Most Staff, Stops Publishing

Meanwhile, at the Daily Stormer, CEO Andrew Anglin is preparing to steadily consume a bottle of Maker’s Mark and listen to a fully remastered version of the Grateful Dead live at Roosevelt Stadium in 1976. It’s four hours long.

The extraordinarily successful media mogul will not be firing anyone, though he may fire his gun into the air during “Sugar Magnolia.”

In fact, in 2024, Daily Stormer CEO Andrew Anglin gave his entire staff extremely generous Christmas bonuses, and most of them got raises.

New York Times:

Executives at Vice Media are planning to lay off several hundred of its more than 900 employees over the next week, eliminating staff from its digital publishing division, according to a company memo sent to staff on Thursday from Bruce Dixon, the chief executive.

The cuts will be the latest in a series of severe cutbacks that the company has endured in recent years, winnowing the globe-spanning digital colossus to a husk of its former self. Over the past half-decade, Vice has had near annual layoffs and mounting losses, and has filed for bankruptcy, making it the poster child for the battered digital-media industry.

It’s a battered child, alright.

It’s like a retarded boy somebody locked in a basement.

When Vice emerged from bankruptcy last year, some observers hoped its new owners — a consortium led by the private-equity firm Fortress Investment Group — would reinvest to return the company to growth.

Instead, Fortress has decided to make sweeping cuts, as part of an attempt to stem the endless tide of red ink. The company is planning to inform employees of its new business strategy in the next week.

Mr. Dixon also said in the memo, which was seen by The New York Times, that the company would no longer publish on

“As we navigate the ever-evolving business landscape, we need to adapt and best align our strategies to be more competitive in the long-term,” he wrote. He also said Vice was in advanced talks to sell Refinery29, the company’s women-focused publishing division.

Totally shutting down publishing on, trying to dump Refinery29 on some poor saps.

I win again.

Like always.

These people spent years trying to bury me.

These faggots were doing documentaries about me.

It was a lot of effort for a lot of nothing.

Last year saw the most traffic on the Daily Stormer of any year since the 2017 shutdown. I’m a cannonball through a house on fire.

Now, they are out of work and totally unemployable. Saying “learn to code” would be ridiculous at this point – the AI is doing the coding now. The best advice I can give is to learn to shoot and go join the Ukraine military.

The fall of VICE is a Total Aryan Victory, Total Anglin Victory.

Which of my enemies are even still online? I think most of them are dead.

A lot of people are starting to learn they shouldn’t fuck with me.

When you punish a person for dreaming his dreams, don’t expect him to thank or forgive you. The Best Ever News Site on the internet will in time both outpace and outlive you.

I’m going to live to piss on all of your graves.

There’s only one way any of this ends.