Vaginal “The Marvels” (Captain Marvel 2) Marks Worst Ever Opening Weekend for an MCU Film

Previously: Disney Releasing Fourth Consecutive George Floyd Animated Film Despite Massive Losses

I wrote a long thing about how much money the “woke agenda” AKA “George Floydism” is costing Disney. I wrote about the fact that Disney is slated to release its fourth George Floyd children’s animated film, despite losses.

The MCU is a much bigger project than the animated films, involving a lot more money and future money. Instead of producing what people want, however, Disney is doing George Floydism.

The Marvels is a feminist film that also pushes the race agenda, starring an astonishingly ugly white women with foot fungus, a female Paki, and a negress.

Released this weekend, it did not go over well, and the studio is now set to lose tens or hundreds of millions of dollars on this attempt to force extreme Jewish values on the public.

The Hollywood Reporter:

The Marvels box office debut is anything but marvelous.

From Marvel Studios and Disney, the superhero tentpole opened to an estimated $47 million at the domestic box office to rank as the worst start in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It also came in behind expectations overseas, where it launched with $63.3 million from 51 material markets for a global start of $110.3 million against a hefty $200 million production budget.

The Marvels marks a new low for Kevin Feige‘s Marvel Studio and adds fuel to the theory that superhero fatigue is a real thing as fanboys grow weary of a glut of titles and are hence far less forgiving. Marvel has been unrivaled in its success for years, with its movies collecting more than $30 billion in grosses at the worldwide box office.

Everyone knew this was going to happen. Everyone knew that the core audience of MCU films is not interested in grrrl power films, let alone all of this race propaganda.

Pre-George Floyd, pre-Summer of Love, 4 of the top 10 highest grossing films ever were MCU films.

Because of this bizarre Jew agenda, The Marvels, which cost as much as the big films, is now set to be one of the biggest box office disasters ever.

This is funny and I’m happy and they deserve it.

But it is confusing.

Is it really just BlackRock that’s responsible for this? Or is something else going on?

It is frightening to see corporations losing money on purpose in order to push a George Floyd black, anal, and vaginal agenda onto the public.