University of Wisconsin-Madison Refuses to Condemn Pro-Palestine “Glory to the Murders” Chant

There is some serious confusion going on with the liberals.

I’m sure this will all get settled, and the Jews will come out on top, but right now, a lot of liberals still think they’re allowed to side with the Palestinians.

That said – when it comes to chants like “glory to the murders,” I have to assume that it is the Jews themselves coming up with these chants so they can condemn them themselves.

That is not a very nice chant.

New York Post:

Former athletes for the University of Wisconsin-Madison slammed the school for refusing to condemn on-campus protesters who were caught on video glorifying the terrorist attack against Israel.

The Tuesday protest saw a crowd of students with Palestinian flags in front of the school’s library, with one young woman shouting into a microphone, “Glory to the murders!” and “We will liberate the land — by any means necessary!”

One video of the incident has garnered more than 2.6 million views on X.


No “formerly Twitter”!!!!

You won, Elon – you won!

People know what “X” is now!

Those who once played for the school lambasted the institution, which sits about an hour west of Milwaukee, Wi.

“I’m disgusted @UWMadison,” wrote Cami Kronish on X. “Beyond disappointing.”

Kronish starred as a goalie on the women’s hockey team and was named the 2023 Frozen Four Outstanding performer as the Badgers won the national championship.

Wow, a woman goalie.

Sounds very important.

That’s a big voice. A powerful voice in the war against Palestine.

The school has not yet publicly addressed the protest. The university’s roughly 5,200 Jewish students are the sixth-most of any public school in the country, according to Hillel International.

The school described the chants as “respectful dialogue” that they support on and off campus.

The university is not able to restrict First Amendment protected speech, nor does a speaker, rally, or protest on campus constitute the university’s endorsement of the message,” the school told The Post in a statement.

Oh, you will be.

You will be.