UK: Protesters Block Bus Carrying Invaders, Slash Its Tires

Protesters are just getting mad about everything these days.


Protesters in south London have blocked a coach set to transport asylum seekers to the Bibby Stockholm barge.

A large group of people, many with their faces covered, surrounded the coach outside the Best Western Hotel in Peckham on Thursday and prevented it from leaving.

Police have warned the group they face arrest if they do not disperse, but protesters said they were ‘determined’ to stop the coach from leaving.

Those in attendance formed a human ring around the bus, while others jammed Lime bikes underneath the wheels.

Welfare group SOAS Detainee Support posted on X calling for more people to help them stop the coach leaving but said the protesters were ‘determined’ it would not.

The posts said: ‘Comrades have stopped our friends being taken to the Bibby barge – but more numbers needed!

‘We’ve also learned the coach is meant to be taking people from three other hotels en route.

‘Resistance may be needed at these three hotels if the coach eventually leaves Peckham – but the comrades are determined it won’t!’

Video footage of the scene shows protesters could be heard chanting ‘no borders, no nations, stop deportations’.

After refusing to disperse, the protest eventually descended into violence, and police have confirmed that a number of arrests have been made.

A statement from the Metropolitan Police said: ‘Police were called at around 08:40hrs to reports of a group of protesters near a hotel in Peckham Road SE15.

‘There were reports that a coach had been obstructed by people and bicycles. A number of people have been arrested for offences including obstruction of the highway, and one for a racially aggravated public order offence. They have all been taken into custody.”

Just as I expected

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Ade Adelekan said: ‘My officers were quickly on scene and have engaged with the protesters at length. My officers had warned the group that obstructing the highway, and obstructing police, are criminal offences and that they could be arrested.

‘We will always respect the right to peaceful protest but we have been clear that where there is serious disruption and criminality then we will take decisive action. The situation is ongoing and we will provide more information when we can.’

The move came after the Home Office recently abandoned plans to move a group of asylum seekers in Kent to the Bibby Stockholm barge after they were met with heavy resistance.

If those were anti-Jew protesters, they would’ve crushed them immediately.