Two State is Off the Table. We’re Gonna Have to Do a One State Solution.

The two state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict is no longer viable. It hasn’t really been viable for a long time, but recent events have made it totally impossible, forever.

We need a one state solution.

That is: we need “Palestine.”

We do not need an “Israel.”

That is the solution to the problem of the Middle East: with the backing of Iran, Hamas becomes the government of a unified Jerusalem.

There is no other potential solution to this problem.

So, what of the Jews? Well, if I were the Jews, I would immediately start apologizing. Profusely.

The Jews need to throw themselves at the feet of the Ayatollah, and beg.

There have always been Jews in Palestine. There is no reason they can’t live there, under a Hamas government. This whole idea that Moslems want to ethnically cleanse Palestine is just a lie. The Moslems have always tolerated Jews (a lot more than Christians have tolerated Jews, quite frankly).

They can do some kind of truth and reconciliation commission, and the Jews will have to give back some of what they stole, but I assume they will be allowed to keep a significant amount of property in Tel Aviv. They won’t be able to do that gay shit anymore, but there will be Orthodox Jewish leaders who will align with the Moslems to control their own people.

If I were Hamas, and I was running a one state Palestine, I would probably incentivize inner-marriage between Jews and Moslems, as that would slowly eradicate or at least drastically shrink the Jewish population in a peaceful manner.

The Jews can no longer run this gangster base out of the Middle East, and they should not be allowed to run a gangster base out of anywhere. Israel has been a cancer on the world. Specifically, Israel acting in concert with a United States controlled by the Jews has been a cancer on the world.

This can’t just keep going on like this.

I just presented a solution: the one state solution.

It works well for me and my people. The Moslems haven’t done anything to the Christians in Jerusalem in a long time. They allow us our churches. No Imam ever spat on an Orthodox priest.

This is the win-win.

Now, consider the other options.

What are the other options?

The only other option is an endless war, which Israel/US cannot possibly win.

The lines have been drawn, and both Russia and China are siding with the Moslems against the Jews. If/when this thing blows up, you’ve got a world war. Russia and China have the ability to produce massive amounts of munitions, and the Moslems have a basically unlimited number of soldiers. The US/Israel/Western strategy since the fall of the Ottoman Empire has been playing the Moslems off against each other. If they stop going along with that program, you’ve got the biggest and most motivated army ever in history, with every gun pointed at Israel.

There is no point to this war.

The Jews cannot win.

The Abraham Accords were a plan to pay off every Arab state with various bribes, and get them to recognize Israel, and then just ignore the Palestinian problem. The Palestinians couldn’t just be ignored, as we’ve now seen.

The Abraham Accords were probably the stupidest idea in the entire history of geopolitics, actually, as they led directly to this current situation. No matter what happens going forward, Palestine can’t be ignored, and the populations of Moslem countries will not tolerate any kind of open relations with Israel.

There is no purpose to this coming war, because there is only one possible outcome: Israel loses. I guess they can start nuking countries, but they still lose.

The only logical thing that can happen right now, the only thing that benefits anyone on the earth, is for Bibi Netanyahu to contact the Ayatollah and offer an unconditional surrender.

However, it seems rather unlikely that this is what is going to happen.

Most likely, we’re going to see a massive, sloppy war on the part of Israel and the US against most of the Islamic world. I don’t know how that is going to go. How could anyone know how it’s going to go? I think it’s pretty much agreed that:

  • An invasion of Gaza will mean an invasion of both Lebanon and the West Bank
  • Iran will be openly funding the whole thing
  • Israel will claim the only way to win is to destroy Iran, and will probably start a war with them

That’s a pretty basic outline that I don’t think is controversial.

What no one knows is just how much this is going to spread. The Islamic world has armies of young, virile men, who tend to be very aggressive. Right now, Egypt is holding the blockade on Gaza, because the US pays them billions of dollars to do that. Is Sisi going to be able to continue to do this, after Israel launches a ground invasion of Gaza, and tens of thousands of people are being openly slaughtered all over social media?

I don’t know.

I don’t know if the Jordanians are going to overthrow their government and march on Israel. That seems unlikely. But I don’t know. I don’t know what Turkey and the Saudis are going to do. Both of those countries are led by wildcard characters.

Erdogan is getting pretty old, but he’s a wily cat, and you can be certain he’s going to figure out some way to make all this work in his favor.

Prince Muhammed is very young, and very fixated on the idea of building a great legacy for himself. He’s also in the process of joining a military alliance with the US. Or he was. Nothing has been confirmed, but everything I’m reading is that the deal has effectively totally collapsed in the wake of the current crisis. The entire purpose of the deal was to normalize relations between Israel and Saudi, and regardless of the reports, that just doesn’t seem possible now. This was of course happening in parallel with the Chinese process of normalizing relations with Saudi and Iran.

This was a funny headline:

The Iranian foreign minister flew to Jeddah and praised the Saudis for their support for the Palestinians.

Meanwhile, when Jewish Secretary of State and failed rockstar Antony Blinken was doing his war tour, Prince Muhammed made him wait overnight to meet him (this is some serious Arabic disrespect shit).

I don’t personally feel equipped to analyze this stuff at a high level. But I’m reading what everyone in the mainstream is saying. They don’t seem very well-equipped either.

As far as I can tell, Saudi was the wild card, but they’ve rapidly flipped into a trump card.

China has presented a plan to the world called “let’s all get rich together.”

Saudi and Iran don’t have a border conflict. There is a conflict over regional dominance, and a lot of conflict over money. The Chinese plan negates these conflicts, because, as the title implies, everyone gets rich. The power can be shared under a Sunni-Shiite alliance. That goes against everything we’re supposed to believe about the region, but it’s happened before. You can go read about Ottoman–Safavid relations. There were problems, but there were long periods of peace. It was never as bad as it was after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, when the West established this “balance of power” thing.

Since Muhammed took over, things in Saudi have been chaotic, mostly (apparently) because he wanted them to be. He totally overturned the established order. Again, the best way to understand this man is as someone who wants to obtain personal greatness. This is different than Erdogan or the Ayatollah, who view themselves as pieces of ancient machines, doing their duty to their people.

What Jared Kushner offered Muhammed with the Abraham Accords, which Biden followed up with this defense deal, was a way to be the figurehead of a new Middle East that manages to integrate Israel. Again, none of this was well-planned, because Palestine exists, and this was always going to end up flipping and making him the bad guy if he stood with Israel, which is the exact opposite of what he wants. He’s not ideologically committed to anything. He will “open up” the Middle East to a softer form of Islam, or he’ll be the ultimate hardcore Islamist. He just wants to be historic.

Right now, if you’re sitting on his throne, this “opening up” idea is a sinking ship, and a deal with China, that allows Saudi to remain an ultra-conservative country, while also massively developing, is the obvious path.

Again, I’m not equipped to analyze any of this. But, as I’ve found, neither is anyone else. All of the academics in their op-eds are using a form of reasoning that simply does not appear to be relevant anymore. It’s reasoning motivated both by the fact that they’ve devoted their professional lives to a certain static concept of the way Middle East politics works, and by the fact that they are Jewish or effectively Jewish in their thinking.

Last Saturday, Hamas drew a line. Everyone is going to have to stand on one side of the line or the other. I don’t think any Moslems are going to have any more difficulty choosing which side of the line they’re on than I did. These leaders who are being bribed can do their best to ride the fence. But it won’t work.

There is Jewish blood in the water.

The Christians, the Moslems – we’re the sharks now.