The Science Now Growing Organs Using Cells Shed by Babies in the Womb

You know what?

There’s a lot of really weird shit going on these days.

The Guardian:

Researchers have grown mini-organs from cells shed by foetuses in the womb in a breakthrough that promises to shed light on human development throughout late pregnancy.

They created the 3D lumps of tissue know as organoids from lung, kidney and intestinal cells recovered from the amniotic fluid that bathes and protects the foetus in the uterus.

It is the first time such organoids have been made from untreated cells in the fluid and paves the way for unprecedented insights into the cause and progression of malformations, which affect 3-6% of babies globally.

Dr Mattia Gerli, a stem cell researcher at UCL, said foetal organoids, which are less than a millimetre wide, would allow scientists to study how foetuses develop in the womb “in both health and disease”, a feat that has so far not been possible.

Most organoids are made from adult tissue, but researchers have recently made them from cells obtained from foetuses. The most ethically sensitive were created from tissue collected from terminated foetuses, while others have been made by reprogramming cells into a more embryo-like state.

Writing in Nature Medicine, Gerli and Prof Paolo de Coppi, a foetal surgeon at Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, describe how they analysed amniotic fluid taken from 12 pregnant women as part of their routine diagnostic testing. Most of the cells in the amniotic fluid were dead, but a tiny fraction turned out to be stem cells for making the baby’s lungs, kidneys and intestines. The researchers found they could grow these into 3D organoids by injecting them into droplets of gel and culturing them.

What has science done?

Kidney amniotic fluid organoids.

The people running the world are afraid of death, because every man knows somewhere in his soul that God is real and the Final Judgement awaits.

Making all organs easily replaceable is a big step towards this immortality plan.

In other news, the media is admitting that the Canadian program of encouraging their citizens to kill themselves if they are poor or feel sad is a massive boon for the organ trafficking industry.

Canada has become a “global epicenter” of organ trafficking by killing healthy people and harvesting their organs.

It’s almost like the Western world is totally controlled by Satan.

Andrew Anglin has advised leaving while you still can.