Taliban Publicly Flogging Sodomites, Sluts, Thieves

Unlike every other faggot government, the Taliban doesn’t play games.

They don’t arrest you for a crime and then say “here, let me give you a quick blowjob before I release you back onto the streets to do even worse crimes.”

The Taliban will crush you.

The Guardian:

The UN has condemned the public flogging of more than 60 people, including more than a dozen women, by the Taliban in northern Sari Pul province.

At least 63 people were lashed on Tuesday by Afghanistan’s de facto authorities, the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan said in a statement, condemning corporal punishment and calling for respect for international human rights obligations.

Taliban’s supreme court confirmed the public flogging of 63 people, including 14 women who had been accused of crimes including sodomy, theft and immoral relations. They were flogged at a sports stadium.

Here is the basic fact: the Taliban is the basic model for every government on earth.

Every government should send delegations to the Emirate of Afghanistan, and learn the ways of the Taliban, and then run their government like this.

The Taliban is the only entity on earth that has figured out how to effectively run a government.