Stormer Updates: AI Week Retcon, The Fleecing Continues

Following a dream I had, I’ve officially decided to retcon AI Week. Going forward, the official timeline and canon states that last week was an extended AI Week preview, as opposed to an AI Week Blitz. The Blitz, conversely, will begin Tuesday.

Basically, there are two big articles that need to be done, and they are the most important ones.



There are concepts that I need to get through in order to get to other concepts. Most of the notes from the Illness Revelations have not manifested on the site yet. The AI part is a key part that needs to be finished before we continue, but part of the problem there is that I do not have the ability to organize anything, as a result of the tumor causing sporadic jolts of brilliance that populate a confused tapestry of derangement.

The religious materials are the best and most important, but the religious materials have to play out within the new hyperreality of AI. You are going to be living your life in an AI world. In fact, you already are, it just might not be obvious yet.

“The Great Fleecing”

For those of you who have already sent an email: I haven’t sent the Bitcoin addresses yet. I will do it tomorrow.

Everyone else: send an email to this address:

I will reply with only a Bitcoin address. Then you will send huge sums of Bitcoin to that address.

If you’re broke, you’re broke – okay. Just send small sums. Honestly though, a lot of you should be rich after taking my advice for the last ten years, so come on – pay up.

Big money, no whammies.

If you’re not broke, send huge sums, because the site is broke, and I haven’t asked for donations in like 18 months or something, and I’m trying to get clear here so I don’t have to do it again for a while.

Or maybe the lesson is I need to keep it more regular, rather than waiting until we are totally broke.

Whatever. The point is, you’re going to get a free t-shirt if you donate more than 1 BTC. The t-shirt is awesome.

Note: You will not get the t-shirt until Jews are dislodged from power, at which point I will be allowed to use a checking account to pay for the shirts.

Hang in There

This website is good and it is going to get a lot better.

Just enjoy the ride.

We’re all riding a Love Train.

I am the drunken Irish driver of the Love Train to Freedom.


We just discovered the “male” and “female” modifiers on Bing.

I knew it was adding women and I’m sure it’s also adding gays.

Not sure why this wasn’t coming up on the signs in that previous article, but here it is:

Next week I’ll try to get together more proofs of it adding male and female, and try to figure out the gay thing.