Six Priests Caught Wishing Pope Francis Would Die ASAP During YouTube Stream

Several people have complained that I am celebrating the coming schism in the Catholic Church, and warned that this is not something that should be celebrated.

I’ve considered this, and decided I do not know the answer and cannot find proper guidance on it. I do think that schism is unfortunate and bad in and of itself, but given that we are talking about schism from the Anal Order of Pope Boy-Fucker, it seems to me that it is a good thing.

However, I believe probably that celebrating it is not a good thing. This is all extremely tragic. It’s similar to if you have to kill your wife because she files for divorce. It’s not to be celebrated. There is nothing joyful about having to kill the mother of your children.

What I will say: schism is inevitable. People are flipping out. The Pope can’t fire everyone complaining about his fisting agenda. There is nothing that can happen other than a schism. And the schism will be good, because the people will follow God instead of following the Pope straight into a young boy’s anus.

But I agree to not celebrate it, for fear of God. God is not happy with any of this.

I will celebrate the downfall of the Anal Lord Francis, because God hates that faggot. But the inevitable schism he has triggered is a tragedy.

I don’t know that there was anything that could have stopped all of these things from occurring. It’s really Americanism. It’s all Americanism, which is Judaism, and Judaism is Satanism, and gay anal is the favorite activity for Satan to encourage among the children of God, as it is the ultimate crime against man and nature.

Bishops are demanding Anal Law be repealed. Priests are praying for the death of the Pope.

There are many, many Catholics who simply will not tolerate anal inside of the Church.

This schism is coming now.

New York Post:

Six priests are facing “corrective measures” for a mock prayer that Pope Francis “go to heaven as soon as possible” during a conservative-leaning gathering aired on YouTube.

Archbishop Francisco Cerro Chaves, of Toledo, Spain, rebuked the group of priests in a statement on the archdiocese website over the comments the priests made during a video titled “The Sacristy of the Vendée. A counter-revolutionary priestly gathering” posted earlier this month.

In the clip, a Toledo priest says in his introduction “I also pray a lot for the Pope, so that he can go to heaven as soon as possible” — prompting laughter from the other priests present for the religious discussion, The Independent reported.

The Sacristy of the Vendée group offered a mild apology in a statement posted on X — but said the comment was made in jest.

“We are sorry for the unfortunate comment, said in a humorous tone, about ‘praying for the Pope to go to Heaven as soon as possible,’” it said.

“It is a comment in bad taste and, although it does not express wishes for the death of the Pope, as some media have maliciously spread … we understand that it can be understood that way,” the group added.

The Pope dying would not actually do anything. The entire Vatican is now controlled by a cartel of boy-fuckers.

That’s the reality.


It just is what it is, and there is currently nothing anyone can do to change it. The Church is not a democracy. No number of conservative clergy can organize and reverse this anal revolution.

It’s a a done deal.

It will be reversed. But several unfortunate events are going to have to take place before that happens.