San Francisco Trying to Fix Junkie Hellhole Reputation with Multimillion-Dollar Ad Campaign

This will definitely work.

I can’t believe no one thought of this earlier.

New York Post:

San Francisco business leaders and billionaires are launching a flashy multimillion-dollar advertising campaign to combat the city’s declining reputation and draw more companies who may be turned off by its headline-making “doom loop”, according to a report.

The Golden City has been facing surging crime, drug use and homelessness, forcing many major businesses to shutter — and even prompting one man to notoriously start a “Doom Loop Walking Tour” highlighting its urban decay.

The “It Starts Here” campaign will cover the city in advertisements featuring Bay Area companies like Apple, Pixar and Levi Strauss for November’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, Bloomberg reported.

The goal is to convince entrepreneurs to start their businesses in San Francisco and remind residents of what made it such an iconic city in the past.

“There’s a lot of people who want San Francisco to win,” Gap Inc. board member Bob Fisher, who is among the local leaders backing the ad campaign, told Bloomberg.

Forget the doom loop, it’s the boom loop,” he said.

Business group Advance SF is leading the ad attack, which hopes to change public perception of the city that has been on its heels since the COVID-19 pandemic and plagued by crime and fleeing businesses.

Larry Baer, CEO of the San Francisco Giants and co-chair of Advance SF, told Bloomberg that the business community had “to come together and begin reinforcing a story that a lot of people understand about San Francisco, but has been lost in the discussion.”

A commercial published on Monday opens with a picturesque shot of thick fog enveloping the bay, followed by a number of other iconic sites like the Golden Gate Bridge.

A narrator touts its “inexplicable magic” and describes San Francisco as “a perfect collision of conditions  — raw habitat and rare humanity” and “where grit and guts meet brain power, optimism and openness.”


I don’t think the fake reality will help much when people show up and see the actual reality.

The ridiculous part is that these people could pass laws against this homeless junkie hell.

Cities in America have done that. You can arrest people for doing drugs on the street, you can even arrest them just for being vagrant. If you have laws.

But the population of the city is pro-decline.

I think this probably actually relates to the fact that the water bed was invented there and they started the summer of love.

All of this “free love” stuff seems to lead to “zombie doom world,” no?