RNC Doing a 4th Debate as Trump Pops 60% in Polls

This is bizarre.

New York Post:

Republican White House hopefuls will head to Alabama next month for the fourth GOP presidential primary debate, the Republican National Committee revealed Friday. 

The remaining field of GOP candidates will have to meet even more stringent polling and fundraising thresholds in order to take the stage in Tuscaloosa, Ala., for the Dec. 6 event, a memo released by the RNC shows.

Debate participants will need at least 6% support in two national polls or 6% support in one national poll and 6% in two different early state primary surveys. 

Pence is out. lol.

It’s gonna be DeSantis, Haley, and Ramaswamy.

Candidates will also need to have a minimum of 80,000 unique donors, with at least 200 unique donors in 20 states.

The polling and fundraising requirements must be met no later than 48 hours before the debate.

Trump’s polling average on RCP is 59.3%, but in most polls, he’s popping 60%.

There is no competition.

Another debate – where he is not even there – is like some kind of weird ritual.

But I guess the ratings are good?

Honestly, I’d watch the two mega Israel shills go up against Based Indian. Especially given the context.

Vivek may go all-in, and just say Israel isn’t America’s problem, in which case it will be awesome. DeSantis and Randhawa might go into convulsions.

I would love, love, love to see these people put on the spot and forced to explain what the hell Israel has to do with American interests.

In this context, “they’re a democracy and our only friend in the Middle East” won’t cut it. It would actually be so awesome if Vivek “nb4’d” them on the “greatest ally” narratives – “I know you’re going to say they’re the only democracy in the Middle East, our only friend in the Middle East, but we are sending billions of dollars and the American people deserve something more than tired talking points to explain exactly what is going on here with you people, who are ostensibly representatives of the American people, being obsessed with this foreign country. Because it stinks of corruption. Listening to you two talk, you sound like agents of a foreign government.”

I like Vivek a lot. I didn’t like him at first. Probably that is mostly because I’m a racist, but also, I misunderstood his China policy (or, I think actually, he changed his China policy – he’s changed a lot of policies).

Whatever he is, he’s not a Jewish shill. And that’s really honestly enough for me at this point.

It’s almost worth watching live just because of the excitement to see how he reacts to the other two making it all about Israel.

We should note: there’s a pretty decent chance that these people are going to try to rules-lawyer Vivek off the stage.