Queens Residents Calling for City to Shut Down Migrant Shelter

New Yorkers were the main supporters of the Democrats and their invasionist agenda.

I guess they just assumed it would only ever affect poor whites in the South, so they didn’t give it much mind.

Now it affects everyone.

Now everyone is forced to ask: “Do we actually want all of these strangers in our country, feeding off of us, committing crimes, destroying everything?”

The answer for most people is apparently “actually, now that I think about it, no, I don’t want that.”

Unfortunately, it’s a bit late to complain.

New York Post:

Dozens of Queens residents on Sunday called for the city to shut down an East Elmhurst migrant shelter where a Venezuelan national accused of shooting two NYPD cops was shacking up.

About 60 residents and officials rallied outside the 90th Street building, a converted Courtyard Marriott hotel now housing asylum seekers — and the former home of accused cop shooter Bernardo Castro Mata, a 19-year-old trouble-making migrant charged with the attempted murder of two of New York’s Finest.

“Our community has been over-saturated with homeless shelters for far too long. This has been a total failure at all levels of government,” said former city councilman and state lawmaker Hiram Monserrate. “The recent shooting of our police officers is a flashpoint, time for action.

“You see it every day in our community, and we see how our quality of life has gone downhill,” Montserrate said. “Now we’re getting complaints about RVs and prostitution right here on Ditmars Boulevard. Drug sales right here on Ditmars Boulevard. Consumption of alcohol right here in our community.”

He said Queens already had 15 migrant shelters between Queens Boulevard and LaGuardia International Airport — and has reached the breaking point.

“Shut it down,” residents chanted outside the 90th Street shelter on Sunday.

“Enough is enough,” said resident Frank Taylor, a member of the Ditmars Block Association. “Time to start shutting some of them down, starting with this one. Our community has suffered. We are taxpayers and homeowners and we have been totally disrespected and taken for granted.”

In order to fix this immigration situation at this point, we would need the political will for mass round-ups and mass deportations.

Americans do not have that political will.

After one viral video of some Mexican woman with a child crying, any deportation program would just be totally canceled.

Americans are soft and weak and they are therefore easy prey.