Pregnant NY Teacher Dies Suddenly in Classroom

Courtney Fannon

This always happened.

Shut up or we’ll ban you and freeze your bank account.

New York Post:

A pregnant upstate New York teacher who was just weeks away from having her first child has died after collapsing in her classroom.

Courtney Fannon, 29, a special-ed teacher at Kendal Central School in the rural community some 30 miles northwest of Rochester, was found unresponsive in her classroom on Friday, USA Today reported.

She collapsed shortly after sending her husband, Kurtis, a text, the outlet said, without detailing what it was about.

Fannon was rushed to a hospital, where doctors attempted to save her and her unborn daughter, whom they had already named Hadley Jaye.

The cause of death was unavailable.

I have some guesses.

“The world lost 2 beautiful souls, Courtney Fannon and Hadley Jaye Fannon, long before any of us were ready to live in a world without them,” her husband’s friend Matt Smith wrote in a GoFundMe page for the family.

“They were called to eternal rest the night of March 8th, after a very tragic and unexpected turn of events,” he wrote in the account, which has raised almost $53,000 as of Thursday morning.

Does anyone else think this GoFundMe thing has gotten really gross?

It’s sad when people die, but “I’m sad someone died, please give me free money because my sad story should make you feel sad and guilty” just feels depraved.

I think there’s a line. If a family member needs a surgery they don’t have money for, that makes sense. I would even support “help me fulfill my dream” type requests. But “my wife is dead and I’m sad, give me free money” is gross.

The excuse is always “oh but the funeral costs.” Well, funerals don’t cost $55,000 (which was the husband’s goal here). Further, you should have thought about funeral costs when you gave your wife that genetic death shot, retard.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.