Pennsylvania: Female Middle School Counselor Arrested for Sex with 14-Year-Old Student

Kelly Ann Schutte, 35

Boy, oh boy.


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Better than “brute criminal attack” filler, for sure.

New York Post:

A Pennsylvania middle school counselor allegedly groomed a 14-year-old student and sexually abused him on multiple occasions over the summer before cops became involved.

Guidance counselor Kelly Ann Schutte, 35, was charged with institutional sexual assault and other crimes for the inappropriate relationship with the boy that began in the fall of 2022 and continued through the summer, according to court records and reports.

Cops were first alerted to the alleged abuse in July when a family member of Schutte — who worked at Pennridge South Middle School — reportedly spotted them kissing inside her home, according to a criminal complaint obtained by NBC10-Philadelphia.

The relative, who witnessed the alleged kiss from outside, reportedly stormed into the house and demanded the teen leave, the student said.

The scared teen ran out and hid behind a parked vehicle around the block and called his parents in a panic to be picked up, the local station reported.

The boy then told his parents that he was in a romantic and sexual relationship with Schutte and his mother called police the following day on July 18, the complaint states.

I don’t really know that she should have called the police.

It seems that people should be a lot more discreet about this.

Do these stupid whores really deserve to have their lives destroyed over this? What crime are they actually committing? Where is the victim?

The middle schooler told investigators he had sat next to his counselor on a school bus on the way back from a class trip in fall 2022.

After that, Schutte would frequently call him into her office — often during class time — and began messaging through Canvas, the school district’s digital platform and messaging system, according to the document.

Once the school year ended, their conversations moved to Snapchat and their relationship became physical, with the student telling police he and Schutte had sexual contact numerous times in June and July of this year.

Investigators found the counselor’s earring in the student’s home and discovered messages between them and photos of them together on his phone.

Anglin has already written this article six million times.

There’s not much more to say.

This happens constantly, and no one really knows if it is a new thing or if people just used to have the basic decency to be discreet about it.

It’s happening constantly now:

There is no way to prevent it from happening if you allow women to work at these jobs that have men at them.

Obviously, it’s basically only white women getting arrested for it, but I think that has to do with brown people not considering this a crime.

You can imagine if there was a black family, which somehow had a father, the father would hear about this and say to his 14-year-old son: “Damn, you, you been done gave dat dik on yo teacha? Mah boy finna pimp dat whole school like a mf, damn son, shiet.”

I don’t know what a black mother would say. She probably would not be happy about it, because all black mothers have very unhealthy co-dependent relationships with their sons, which involves a lot of sexual jealousy. But blacks never call the police for any reason.

The Mexican mother would be like: “Ay! She too old for you! Ay-yay!” and then pause “is she pregnant? She no pregnant? You use condom?? I toll you, never usea da condom! You know your poor mother deservea shesa grandchildren!”

“I toll you, you no usea da condom! Your mother here waiting for grandbabies, her son out usinga da condom, hisa poor mama at si casa cooking all daya for a son usinga condom!” (Mexican mothers talk like Mario for some reason.)

White people have a lot of taboos around sex, which have been pretty fundamental in the development of civilization, but which also lead to weird things like thinking some whore teacher deserves to go to prison for having sex with a teen boy.