On the Deeply Personal Nature of My Agenda to Abolish the Age of Consent

“Here’s a 5 story photo of an orgy. Also, if you pay a girl for a blowjob, you’re going to prison – unless you film it and post it on the internet, in which case that is totally fine.” -The Jews

The Jews put gigantic pictures of nearly nude women everywhere.

They flood the entire internet with porno to the point that the average age for first seeing a hardcore porno is now nine (9).

Then they declare that no matter how discreet you are, you will go to prison for hiring a hooker.


The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has filed criminal charges against three people who allegedly ran a “high-end brothel network” that sold sex to elected officials, business executives, and military officers.

The network has been operating since at least July 2020, serving clients near the nation’s capital and in the Boston area, the DOJ announced on Wednesday. The brothels provided prostitutes to a wide range of upper-class clients, including doctors, lawyers, professors, and government contractors with access to classified materials.

“Pick a profession,” acting US Attorney for Massachusetts Joshua Levy said of the network’s clientele. “They’re probably represented in this case.” The DOJ didn’t identify any of the clients.

Jewish AG.

Color me shocked.

The three defendants in the case are Han Lee, 41, of Cambridge, Massachusetts; Junmyung Lee, 30, of Dedham, Massachusetts; and James Lee, 68, of Torrance, California. They were charged with conspiracy to coerce and entice to travel to engage in illegal sexual activity. If convicted, they could face up to 20 years in prison.

They’re all Chinese.

I lol’d.

American: Prostitution is illegal here.

Chinaman: Sorry, I don’t understand.

American: Like, the police will arrest you.

Chinaman: I still don’t follow. Arrest you for what?

American: Paying for sex.

Chinaman: Where does the government get this authority?

American: I don’t know. From the taxpayer, I guess.

Chinaman: Sorry, I don’t believe you.

The funny part is that the hookers were probably all Chinese as well.

Look – I’m not “pro-hooker,” necessarily.

I’m anti-fornication, in all senses.

However, the fact is, outlawing prostitution is a part of the agenda to spread sexual promiscuity throughout society.

Both Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Augustine said this would happen if the government attempted to regulate hookers.

Historian Vincent Dever gives this summary, starting from Aquinas’ strong position against fornication:

it would seem obvious that Aquinas would want to engage every force against them, especially civil law. Oddly enough he does not. Instead he notes that the state should allow fornication and prostitution to exist for the sake of the common good. Relying on the well-known passage from Augustine’s De ordine, Aquinas advocates tolerance of prostitution by noting: “Accordingly in human government also, those who are in authority rightly tolerate certain evils, lest certain goods be lost, or certain evils be incurred: thus Augustine says [De ordine 2.4]: ‘If you do away with harlots, the world will be convulsed with lust.’” If these social practices were to be suppressed, the public reaction might be such as to threaten the peace of society.

(From this, you can extrapolate that all state regulations on heterosexual sex are wrong. Sex is a personal matter and a spiritual matter, and it is not a matter for the civil authorities.)

Before the government regulation, women had one basic choice: “hooker or wife?”

Well – listen, because this is important – when they wiped out “hooker,” they wiped out the decision between the two. It’s not a coincidence that the countries that still have strong marriages – Moslem, Asian, and some Latin American ones – still have legal but discreet prostitution. In fact, European countries that have prostitution have stronger marriages than Americans.

(Islamic countries do have hookers, and it’s sanctioned by the religious authorities. They marry you on the way into the brothel and divorce you on the way out. And thus, when someone asks me if I’ve been married, I laugh a little bit before answering: “No. Not really.”)

When a woman has to make a decision between these two very sharp options, the contrast shocks her and she has to choose wisely. There will always be women that would legit rather be hookers, presumably because they were born that way. However, the majority of women, presented with the harsh choice, will choose “wife.”

Jews used to run prostitutes, because they were just involved in every slimy thing. Believe you me – prostitution is slimy*. Now, Jews do porno – which literally is prostitution with a camera – while outlawing standard prostitution.

Jews were at the forefront of feminism, pushing everything related to that agenda, and the ban on prostitution, just like the age of consent and the prohibition of alcohol, was among the first feminist agendas. The booze ban didn’t stick, because it was too ridiculous. However, bans on prostitution and the age of consent are actually equally ridiculous.

An age of consent on prostitution would be appropriate, because it’s a drastic decision for a girl to make. Marriage, however, is not a drastic decision, and it is traditionally made in consultation with the girl’s father.

Bobby Beaver can call me a cuck all he wants. I’m sticking by it.

The real decision being made is “hymen before or after marriage.”

What you have now is that girls lose their virginity to some random guy when they’re in high school, because the Jews are constantly encouraging promiscuity, including in school slut classes (“sexual education” is “slut class”).

Virgin marriage is the key here. It’s the primary pillar of social stability. I can make jokes about the age of consent – and I really do believe the concept is absurd – but if society was capable of keeping these whores’ hymens intact up until the age of 18, and marriage was presented to them as a viable option, then the age of consent would not be a huge issue.

I advocate lowering the age of consent primarily as a hymen protectionism measure. But also, there is no reason these bitches should be in school, and further, the younger she is the more able she is to acknowledge the husband as the new father. If you wait until the girl is too old, she starts seeing herself as an independent entity, and then is much more likely to deny the husband’s authority over her.

If you’re a man and the above paragraph is offensive to you, you have a lot of work to do. I’m right and it’s obvious. What I just said is on par with saying “the sky is blue.”

The part about abolishing the age of consent being a deeply personal issue for me is a joke (it’s very funny), but the larger point is not a joke at all: the age of consent is an attack on the family.

Throughout my work, you will find that is what is most important to me, above everything else: protecting the family. Family is the one thing that holds people together in this damned plane of existence, and everything the Jews do is aimed at destroying the family, because the Jews are the enemy of all mankind.

Just so, counterintuitive as it may be, banning prostitution is an attack on the family, as it is a mechanism to purposefully blur the lines between whore and mother.

By the way, just so we’re clear: the nature of the sexual sin does not change because money changes hands. God looks at a slutty high school girl the same way He looks at a professional hooker, and He looks at a man who brings a girl home from the bar (or masturbates to internet pornography) the same as He looks at a man who visits a hooker. Chronic masturbation is actually typically considered worse than promiscuity, though as I’ve said before, I’m not a priest and I’m not trying to take the name of the Lord in vain by making (potentially false) claims about the levels of sins.

Sin does not necessarily line up with levels of social harm in every case, but generally does, and I will say: on-demand in-home discreet pornography is a whole helluva lot worse for society than a red light district. There is zero question about that one, and I can make that statement matter-of-factly without needing to draw a conclusion on the Christian doctrine of sin.

Sometimes Westerners view Russia as a Christian country. It’s a bit of a misunderstanding. The way I describe it: “Russia is trying to be a Christian country.” Russia did a ban on internet pornography, for primarily Christian reasons, and then in the statement, they said: “Go out and meet someone.” The implication was that fornication was better than jacking off constantly. It seems to me this is true. But again, ask a priest – I have no authority on this matter (I think a priest will say they’re the same thing).


*It is slimy. I can tell you from experience. I will also add that though I have indulged in prostitution significantly, and would probably do the same thing in the same circumstances again, I do not think it benefited me in any way and I advise against it. What I advise is celibacy. I would also strongly advise against beating yourself up about it.

Celibacy clears the mind. It sharpens the mind. The draining of the seed lowers testosterone and general masculine energy. Don’t go into it thinking there is zero chance you’ll succeed on the first try, but with an understanding that you probably won’t and that this doesn’t make you a failure.

You can compare attempts at celibacy to the stuff I’ve written about Alcoholics Anonymous. AA teaches that one drink means you failed and now you should just get totally drunk and lose your home and family by going on an extreme drunken rampage.

Further, it’s easy for me to say, because I’m middle aged. I understand much of the audience is teenage boys. I was not celibate as a teenager. It would have been better if I had been, but again: easy for me to say.

Note: I also have a brain tumor which has devastated my sexual drive. The tumor may have purposefully lodged itself into the sexual centers in my brain.

If you decide to do celibacy, and fail at celibacy, just repent and keep trying. That’s all God is asking for: just do your best. It’s all anyone can do.

Probably – although this is another thing I can’t promise is true but which seems likely – God is more likely to answer your prayers for a wife and kids if you’re taking a legitimate shot at celibacy. That seems true, because just as a general matter, I think God hears the prayers of people who are actually giving it their best shot. I’m pretty sure any priest would agree that the prayers of the devout are generally weighted before those of the unhinged whore-monger. But again, you’ll have to ask a priest. I can’t speak on that with authority.

But the reason I wish I had been celibate is that I think my life would have been better. That’s why we serve God, in a selfish sense, because our best life is the one that God planned for us and the only way to achieve that life is by following the commandments.

Sexual Sin is the Most Popular Sin

Most of us are not thieves or murderers. Most of us have, however, engaged in sexual sins. For most young people in the West, that might be a couple “scores,” but will probably mostly be masturbation.

Everyone should do their best. Do your best. But don’t be too hard on yourself if you fail. Jesus died for your sins. And it’s tough out there. Repentance with a genuine desire to not do it again is the key here.

Furthermore: if you get married, it’s unlikely she’s going to be a virgin, so there’s an extremely high chance your wife will, at some point during your marriage, have sex with another man. If you’re getting married, you need to do it with that understanding, and you need to have worked through the fact that you will not lose your shit when that happens. Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal. Seriously. I know it feels like the end of the world when it happens to men, but it’s just not. This is especially true in the age of DNA tests. That is the other side of the thing – get your kids DNA tested. Do that regardless.

(Also, don’t keep saying how bad sex with black guys is or she’ll cheat on you with a black guy and then you’ll basically have to kill yourself.)

Someone told me once that telling men not to divorce if the woman cheats on them was “the most boomer thing I’d ever said.” I was a bit perplexed. It’s actually the precise opposite. The boomers are the ones who promoted all of this “true love” gibberish. I’m saying: “We don’t love these hoes.” You love your wife as your wife, not as a romantic idol. Boomers engaged in idolatry (violation of the 1st Commandment) with this sex/romance stuff. Your wife is your wife, and you love her because of that, but it’s still just some stupid bitch. Don’t expect too much, and don’t destroy your family because it turns out – shocker! – your non-virgin wife is a whore.

Moreover: boomers invented modern divorce culture. Never in history would most men consider completely ruining their children because their wife slutted it up. Historically, men would keep their upper lip stiff and deal with the problem. Boomers also invented the idea that “stay together for the kids” is somehow a bad way of thinking. This is sickening. Why would you not stay together for the kids? Take it one step further: what reason would you have to stay together, other than for the kids? Maybe you get along with her, but you probably don’t, or won’t until you’re both over the age of 60. The kids are the reason you got married, so it’s just an obvious fact that they’re the reason you stay together.

It’s just a reality that if a woman has been promiscuous before marriage, her brain is not going to register that she is supposed to stop doing that. She will also not form the correct bond with you. Sorry. It’s against nature for a non-virgin to marry, and I understand you don’t have a pool of virgins to pull from, but you need to understand what you’re getting into.

We all have problems, and ultimately, we have to understand women’s problems, because they are always going to make them our problems.

During the illness, in the nightmare world to which I traveled, everything was aimed at pulling apart the family. The nightmare world was, of course, simply this world we live in made clear. Family is the only thing you have to hold onto, it’s the only thing you can truly trust.

Everything should be done to defend the family. Every sacrifice you make is worth it. That is: there is no sacrifice too great.

Imagine you were in Gaza right now.

What would you be thinking about, when the bombs were raining down around you?

The things that matter would be very clear, no?

In the midst of hell on earth, you’d be praying to God, and you’d be thinking about your family.


Did I just start an article with the edgiest title imaginable, proceed to sharpen the edge, up to and including a jailbait hunting humanoid beaver, and then end with the most wholesome thing ever?

Indeed I did, my good friend. And you followed exactly along with it, because you are very intelligent.

Few understand it now.

It’s a totally new art style I invented personally. Then it got better when I started to do even more extreme self-parody, to the point where it is unclear if I am making fun of the reader or making fun of myself.

Don’t worry, dear reader. I would not ever make fun of you. You are far too handsome and intelligent. Take a quick look in the mirror. Do you know anyone who is more handsome and intelligent than you, in your real life? It’s virtually impossible.

I am indeed making fun of myself.

This train is only just now picking up some speed.

The journey has just begun.

We are going as far south as south goes.

When we get there, we are going to plant a garden.