Old Hoe Who Accused Vince McMahon of Shitting on Her Head Wrote Him a Gushing Love Letter

This is the same story with Harvey Weinstein. He had love letters from that bitch. She also admitted she had “consensual” sex with him both before and after the “unconsensual” sex she accused him of.

All of this “oh yeah, I just remembered that guy raped me decades ago” stuff is obviously bullshit. It’s actually cartoonish.

What sort of person takes this seriously?

Further: if this whore was shit on, who says that in public? Like, I assume her father is still alive. He’s reading the news, like, eye-bulging, “my daughter says the WWF guy shit on her…?! And she’s telling everyone this…?!”

New York Post:

A woman who alleges she was sexually abused for years by Vince McMahon wrote a gushing love letter to the former WWE CEO in which she declared the duo was “in love with a capital L” — and she now claims that McMahon coerced her to do it, The Post has learned.

Janel Grant — whose bombshell lawsuit landed a day before the wrestling icon abruptly stepped down as executive chairman of WWE-parent TKO Group Holdings — penned a lengthy email to McMahon dated Dec. 24, 2021 in which she called him “my best friend, my love and my everything.”


After almost 3 years together, it’ like my life isn’t even real to me unless you’re there and in it and I’m sharing it all with you,” Grant, 43, wrote in the Christmas Eve letter to 78-year-old McMahon obtained by The Post.

The lovestruck letter stands in contrast to the allegations in her explosive lawsuit filed in Connecticut federal court in January, which claimed that McMahon allegedly defecated on Grant’s head during a threesome in May 2020 — some 18 months before she wrote the alleged love letter.

Which is worse:

  • She’s lying about being shit on?
  • Or she wrote that gushing love letter to a man who shit on her?

Both are very possible.

But Grant’s attorney, Ann Callis, told The Post that McMahon actually instructed Grant to write the note.

This is the proof of that:

But she really wants him to have a nice letter, even in that proof.

Women are so disgusting.

They just have to be removed from society. There is no other option.

We cannot have this.