Oklahoma: “Non-Binary” Girl Allegedly Beaten to Death in Bathroom Actually Died by Suicide

Previously: Oklahoma: “Non-Binary” Girl Beaten to Death in the School Bathroom


No one could have predicted something like this.

That’s what makes it so shocking.


Oklahoma’s medical examiner on Wednesday ruled that nonbinary teenager Nex Benedict died by suicide in a death that friends and family said came one day after a beating at school that culminated a pattern of bullying due to their gender identity.

The case of Benedict, 16, has drawn scrutiny from LGBTQ advocates who believe school officials may have overlooked abuse and has led to a civil rights investigation by the U.S. Department of Education to determine if any laws were broken or whether the school district failed to respond to harassment.

“Nex” Benedict

The summary report released by Oklahoma’s chief medical examiner on Wednesday found antidepressants and antihistamines in Benedict’s system in addition to blood about the nose and mouth.

The summary also cited, “Other significant conditions contributing to death (but not resulting in the underlying cause given).”

Owasso police said in a statement that investigators had suspected suicide from the beginning but withheld comment pending the autopsy.

So it was a minor beating. Not the sort that would cause brain bleeding.

I was previously shocked that a hospital would let this bitch out with a brain bleed (which is basically the only way she could have died of a beating a day later). That would be some multi-million dollar lawsuit type shit.

I’m sort of ashamed of myself that I didn’t just assume the obvious.

We can’t have trannies and freaks anymore. They either have to get help or kill themselves. This shit is not sustainable.

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