Ohio: Kidnapped Indian Student Killed After Father Refused to Pay Ransom

I understand why you wouldn’t pay a ransom to kidnappers. They can just ask for more money.

But this is America. You can’t count on the police to do anything other than kneel to black people or knock out your teeth for refusing to respect a virus hoax.

American cops are not going to find your kidnapped son. You just have to pay the ransom.


A student from India who had moved to the US last year was found dead days after going missing, New Delhi’s consulate in New York said on Tuesday.

Mohammed Abdul Arfath, a 25-year-old who was pursuing a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems at Cleveland State University in Ohio, went missing in March. Arfath hailed from Nacharam, a neighborhood of Hyderabad in the Indian state of Telangana.

Arfath’s father Mohammed Saleem informed Indian media that he last spoke to his son on March 7; after that, the victim’s phone was switched off. On March 19, the father received a call from an unidentified person who claimed that Arfath had been kidnapped by a gang selling drugs who demanded a $1,200 ransom.

It’s not really a lot of money.

If it was my son, I would have just paid it. Unless my son was gay.

The caller threatened to sell Arfath’s kidneys if the ransom wasn’t paid, his father told media.

Following the incident, the Indian consulate said it had gotten in touch with local law enforcement to find Arfath “at the earliest.” On Tuesday, the consulate informed that he had been found dead, adding that it is in touch with local agencies to ensure a thorough investigation into the grad student’s death. 

There are never any investigations that last longer than 48 hours. After 48 hours, they just give up.

The incident is only the latest in a chain of deaths among Indian students residing in the US over the past few months. Around a dozen incidents have been reported since the beginning of this year, although in some cases the cause of death was not established.

Last week, another Indian student, Uma Satya Sai Gadde, was declared dead in Cleveland, Ohio. The Consulate General of India in New York said that police were investigating the case.  In March, classical dancer Amarnath Ghosh, 34, was shot and killed in St Louis, Missouri. The homicide investigation led by the St Louis Metropolitan Police Department is ongoing.

Foreigners are so retarded.

They still want to come to this shithole country, despite the fact that it is so much worse than India.

Seriously, how far outside of reality do you have to be to send your son to America, and then think “I can save $1,200 by just allowing the US cops to solve this kidnapping. They are very serious cops in America”?