Ohio: 50-Year-Old Teacher Loses Job After School District Discovers Her OnlyFans

Jennifer Ruziscka (can I get a “yikes”?)

I guess there is a market for granny porn.

Very strange.

Presumably, this is associated with some kind of mommy issues. It should be investigated.

You know, the reason I had a hard time accepting the Macron tranny theory is that it would have been much less bizarre than the thing as it is presented. We know about the gays. A man marrying a woman who is more than twice his age is something we do not know about.

New York Post:

A 50-year-old high school teacher resigned when her OnlyFans account was discovered by her school district, becoming just the latest educator to lose their job because of their adult content side hustle.

Jennifer Ruziscka has worked within the Springfield (Ohio) Local School District for nearly 30 years, before her career was upended in January when school officials learned about her “pornographic/sexually graphic website,” according to WTOL.

I guess the charitable take here would be that she was hot when she was young, so guys who had her as a teacher want to see her naked.

But that doesn’t really justify the granny nature of the situation.

The Springfield High School English teacher faced discipline because her presence and content on the subscription sites OnlyFans and Fansly had violated her teaching licenses’ conduct and technology policies.

“Springfield Local Schools was made aware of allegations where one of its teachers was participating in conduct unbecoming of a professional educator,” district Superintendent Matt Geha told the outlet. “That teacher was put on administrative leave as of Monday, January 29, 2024, with the last day in the classroom Friday, January 26, 2024.”

Geha launched an investigation into Ruziscka on Jan. 26, and confirmed that “the evidence was secured with guidance from the district attorney” the following day, WTOL reported, citing a letter the superintendent sent to the Ohio Board of Education on Feb. 2.

The news story doesn’t mention the bizarreness of her age.

It’s confusing how exactly you could write this story and not comment on that aspect.

Eventually, they are going to have to stop firing women for doing OnlyFans, because every woman does OnlyFans.

It’s the dream job of all women: being paid to have men masturbate to you.