NYC Doctor Fired Over Pro-Hamas Post

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New York Post:

A New York City emergency room doctor has been fired for controversial posts online that applauded Hamas’ massacre at a music festival in southern Israel, saying the attacks gave Israelis “a taste of their own medicine.”

Dr. Dana Diab — an emergency room physician with Lenox Hill Hospital and Brookdale University Hospital & Medical Center, according to NYC Health + Hospitals — shared a video of the heinous Oct. 7 attack on her Instagram Stories.

Zionist settlers getting a taste of their own medicine,” she wrote, according to a screenshot shared by Stop Antisemitism on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Monday.

A second snap showed Diab’s Instagram profile, which has since gone private — where the physician boasted over 600 followers and had a Palestinian flag emoji in the bio section.

“Dina [sic] Diab took to Instagram rejoicing Zionist settlers [aka jews] were murdered, raped, beheaded, and kidnapped by the Hamas terror group on Saturday October 7th,” Stop Antisemitism wrote alongside the images.

“Jewish patients beware.”

Northwell Health confirmed Tuesday morning that Diab no longer worked for the hospital system.

“We are deeply sorry for the hurt and offense these comments have caused,” Northwell wrote on X.

“These views do not represent Lenox Hill Hospital and Northwell Health and go against our core values. The team member is no longer employed with Northwell.”

To be fair, at least according to this report, the woman was actually celebrating the attacks by Hamas. Obviously, someone should be able to do that – I do that. But it is slightly different than what a lot of people are getting fired for, which is just saying it’s wrong to slaughter/starve everyone in Gaza.

The lists the Jews are making at Harvard are literally “anyone who supports Palestine.”

So we do need to draw a distinction between Hamas and Palestine. Because Hamas was just killing Jews indiscriminately.

I think there is a good defense of Hamas, and I do defend them – they were giving back the same thing Israel has given them for decades on end. But it is something different than Palestine, generally, and the Jews are purposefully mixing the two, so I think it’s necessary to distinguish them.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.