NYC: Climate Cultists Try to Blockade Citi Bank HQ to Protest Bovine Napalm Fart Apocalypse

Anyone who is protesting this global warming gibberish during the Gaza slaughter must be a fed.

Probably, all of these global warming protesters are backed by feds.

Seriously: who the hell actually cares about this gibberish?

New York Post:

Nearly two dozen people were cuffed by late Monday morning as climate protesters blockaded Citi Headquarters in Lower Manhattan, police said.

A group of 150 activists crowded in front of the financial giant’s building on Greenwich Street near North Moore Street in Tribeca during the morning rush, organizers said.

Twenty-three people were taken into custody during the first of a series of planned protests that organizers are calling the Summer of Heat on Wall Street, according to an early NYPD count.

The charges were not immediately known.

Planet over profit!” the group bellowed as officers began to arrest some of the participants.

“They’ve arrested dozens of us today because we’re out here for the kickoff to Summer of Heat,” one man said on a video posted to an X account called “Planet Over Profit.” “CitiBank is funding … hundreds of billions of dollars to the fossil fuel industry, while putting all of our lives at risk.”

“So people are taking arrest over and over throughout the summer to let CitiBank know and to let Wall Street know they can’t keep funding and financing destruction and death across the globe.”

There is no proof of manmade-caused global warming.

If there was proof, it really wouldn’t matter.

This is all just gibberish.