New York: Leftist Activist Stabbed to Death by Diversity

“It was random, they never saw it coming”

This may be the best lede I’ve ever read. Really great stuff.

CBS News:

Ryan Carson, a social justice advocate who was on a mission to make New York a better place, was stabbed to death on the streets of Crown Heights on Monday.

Alternatively, they could have gone with: “Social Justice advocate Ryan Carson’s mission to make New York a better place ended on Monday, when he was stabbed to death on the streets of Crown Heights.”

People who knew Carson, 32, said he dedicated his life to trying to change things for the better.

Carrying candles, dozens of Carson’s family and friends gathered at a park in Bedford-Stuyvesant to remember his life.

The blacks did a march for him. After they stabbed him to death. 

Police said the long-time government advocate was stabbed at around 4 a.m. about a mile away at Lafayette Avenue and Malcom X Boulevard.

Sources said Carson was standing on the street with his girlfriend when the suspect approached and asked, “What are you looking at?” before stabbing Carson in the chest multiple times.

Carson was pronounced dead at Kings County Hospital.

“I was absolutely in disbelief,” said New York Assembly Member Emily Gallagher, who knew Carson before becoming a politician.

Gallagher and Carson bonded over losing close friends to drug overdoses.

In 2021, Carson walked from New York City to Albany to lobby for safe injection facilities.

For the last decade, Carson was a campaign manager with the New York Public Interest Research Group, most recently dealing with recycling and solid waste.

“Trying to deal with the unreclaimed bottles and cans that litter New York streets, but he had been involved with lots of projects with us over the years,” said Blair Horner, executive director of the New York Public Interest Research Group.

Sources told CBS New York police do not have a physical description of the suspect, but said the person was acting irrationally prior to the attack.

I’ve got a physical description for you: “youthful male nigger.”

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I’ve even got a sketch of him:

Seems like it should be easy enough to solve, no?

Unless of course the police are, for some reason, not interested in solving it…?