Nepal Bans TikTok Because It Threatens “Social Harmony”

Why can’t Americans ban things in the name of social harmony?

Do the people who run America hate society and harmony?

If so, why?

Is it because they’re Jewish?

The Guardian:

Nepal has said it will ban TikTok, citing negative effects on the country’s “social harmony”.

The popular video-sharing platform, which has around a billion monthly users, has faced restrictions in many countries for alleged breaches of data rules and for the potentially harmful impact on youth of some content.

“The decision to ban was made today, and relevant authorities are currently addressing the technical issues,” the minister for communications and information technology, Rekha Sharma, said on Monday.

Sharma said the decision was made because TikTok was consistently used to share content that “disturbs social harmony and disrupts family structures and social relations”. She did not specify what had triggered the ban.

Last year they banned it in holy sites

Hours after the decision was made public, videos on the ban had thousands on views on TikTok.

Gagan Thapa, leader of the Nepali Congress party which is part of the ruling coalition, said the government’s intention seems to be to “stifle freedom of expression”.

“Regulation is necessary to discourage those who abuse social media, but shutting down social media in the name of regulation is completely wrong,” he said in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

America talks about banning TikTok, but they do it under the idiotic conspiracy theory that it’s used by the Chinese to spy on people (as opposed to using it to get rich).

Maybe it shouldn’t be banned. People have to have freedoms. But we can’t even talk about what these social media applications – and cellphones more generally – are doing to the society.