Musk Fires Tesla’s Entire Charging Team, Scaling Back and Closing Down Charging Stations

Elon is having so many problems that he may become the first man in history to hold titles as the world’s richest man and the world’s poorest man.

There are several paths by which he could become the poorest man in all of history. All of his businesses are going to collapses and then everyone is going sue him for killing and censoring so many people.

Andrew Anglin has confided to me personally that he is laying in wait for his chance to sue Elon for censoring him and stealing all of his rights, but he wants to wait until he is very poor.

“Revenge is a dish best served cold,” says Anglin.


Tesla has abruptly fired the team running its electric vehicle charging business, raising doubts about the future of one of the largest US charging networks, which other carmakers, such as General Motors and Ford, have said they will also use.

In social media posts Tuesday, several Tesla employees confirmed the layoffs, first reported by The Information.

Tesla “has let our entire charging org go,” William Navarro Jameson, strategic charging programs lead at Tesla, wrote on X.

Musk said on X Tuesday that the company “still plans to grow the Supercharger network, just at a slower pace for new locations and more focus on 100% uptime and expansion of existing locations.”

I guess things are tough out there, huh faggot?

It’s almost like if you spend your life screwing over everyone – including Andrew Anglin, who never did anything to anyone and only tried to help others – the universe turns against you and brings down hell upon your head.

According to Dan Ives, a senior analyst at Wedbush Securities, “Musk is reading the room around softer EV demand globally.”

“Tesla is going through a… demand storm and unfortunately strategic changes are needed to get the train back on the tracks,” he told CNN, but added: “Removing the whole department is a head-scratcher.”

These stupid electric cars were always a fad.

The only place they make any sense is in China, where the big cities are haunted by smog. No one else has any practical use for these machines.

No one actually believes in global warming, when the rubber hits the road, other than stupid fat women who don’t understand what money is.

Insofar as anyone wants an electric car in the future, it is only going to be because of government-mandated smog rules, or because an electric car is cheaper than a gas car (as has been the case for a long time with electric bikes being cheaper than motorcycles – both to purchase and to own).

The Chinese are selling a full sedan for $15,000.

They have a less attractive model for under $10,000.

Meanwhile, they’re also producing a supercar that beats a Ferrari that is only $250,000 (a third of the price of a Ferrari).

The supercar can jump up and down.

An electric car should be cheaper, because it is fundamentally shittier than a real car.

Mr. Musk, you are obsolete.

Tesla is a failed company. Twitter is a failed company.

In revenge for the TikTok ban, the Chinese are going to launch a free-for-all free speech site, which you might not be able to download from the app store, but can visit on a browser.

I guess SpaceX can keep making government rockets for as long as the US empire lasts, but that probably isn’t going to be very long. The government might also cancel Musk’s contracts because he is trying to pivot to China, preemptively, despite the fact that no one in China wants his overpriced exploding cars.

This is what you get, Elon.

You get what you deserve.

Just eat more sugary snacks, Elon. Have another chocolate croissant, you fat piece of shit.

Kill the pain of your infinite failures with the sweet, sweet taste of sugar.