Most Americans Want Israel to Stop Killing Babies, Poll Finds

Brandon is going to be going into the elections with a 20% approval rating at best.

I sure wish Trump would come out and say something about Palestine.

That seems very unlikely, however.

Wish he would though.

It doesn’t even matter if Joe Biden only gets 10% of the vote, they will still say he won. But if Trump is the anti-war candidate, and anti-war people are rallying with him alongside his normal base, then in that case… anything could happen.

But he won’t say anything against Israel. Maybe he would have. But not now.

New York Post:

US public backing for Israel and its ongoing war against Hamas is waning with most Americans supporting a cease-fire more than a month after the vicious terror attack, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll.

In a two-day poll that ended Tuesday, about 32% of respondents said the US should back Israel when asked what role the ally should play in the battle. The percentage was a drop of nearly 10 points from a poll conducted on Oct. 12-13.

Meanwhile, about 39% of respondents want the US government to be a “neutral mediator.”

That figure is up from 27% dating back to last month’s poll.

Four percent of respondents in the poll believe the US should support Palestinians and 15% want the US to stay out of the ongoing conflict.

Only 31% of poll respondents said they want the US shipping weapons to Israel while 43% were against the idea and the rest were unsure.

Republicans were more likely than Democrats to support sending weapons to the Jewish country.

Who are the 31%? America is supposedly only 2% Jewish.

Who are the 29% of non-Jews who support this child massacre? I guess some mix of evangelical Christians and diehard Biden supporters.

The Jewish agenda makes strange bedfellows, I suppose.

Jews make all kinds of strange bedfellows – including putting adult homosexual men in beds with small boys!