“Missing” 12-Year-Old Fatty Returns from Sexual Rampage

Women will just do whatever.

I don’t know why anyone would care at this point.

Why is this even in the news?

New York Post:

A missing 12-year-old Brooklyn girl who reportedly ran away from home and was wandering about Manhattan has been found safe five days after she vanished.

Victorious “Tori” Perozo was reunited with her family Sunday after she failed to come home from her Queens school on April 9, police confirmed in an update.

The bitch’s name is “Victorious”?


Tori was reported missing by her sister Eliana Perozo after an AirTag attached to her keys showed the pre-teen heading into Manhattan instead of back home to Prospect Lefferts Gardens after she finished classes at The Baccalaureate School for Global Education.

Perozo — who is her sister’s legal guardian due to their mother’s absence in their lives — previously told The Post she last saw her little sister as she headed to school at around 6:50 a.m.

Her mother’s absence?

What about her father?

Sorry, trick question. Hahaha.

The pre-teen had gotten in trouble with her the night before.

“I think she’s a 12-year-old who survived a lot of loss and there’s so much support and mental health services and people that love her and support her — but I feel that’s not the case in her 12-year-old mind so she ran away,” Perozo said.

The older sibling said she took away her smartphone after she caught Tori texting with an older boy and replaced it with a flip phone.

But Tori wasn’t answering the phone and Perozo saw the AirTag traveling in the opposite direction of their home.

“When school let out, I was watching her on her AirTag. I can see her get on the correct train from school … then I saw her go into the city and then once she hit the city I saw her AirTag go up towards the Bronx instead of down towards Brooklyn,” the worried sister said.

They were putting up fat signs for this fatty.

It turns out, she was just looking for a man to tell her what to do.