Miami Dentist Fired for Tearing Down Jewish Propaganda Posters Says He was Just Promoting Peace

You’re surrounded by the Jews.

You have no right to disagree with them, or say they shouldn’t bomb hospitals.

That’s pure anti-Semitism.

New York Post:

The fired South Florida dentist who was caught on camera removing missing Israeli hostage posters off street poles across Miami claims his actions were “misinterpreted” and that he was instead promoting peace.

Dr. Ahmed ElKoussa’s actions were made public after the Stop Antisemitism organization posted a video that showed the dentist and another man tear down flyers of missing Israeli citizens believed to have been kidnapped following the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas terrorists.

ElKoussa said his actions were being taken out of context because the clip, which has been viewed more than four million times, was so short.

“Unfortunately my video of four seconds got taken way out of context. It was all misinterpretation, and I think it’s really sad that it was misinterpreted,” ElKoussa said at a press conference Thursday.

As well as the way that my former employer had portrayed it, that it’s an act of supporting terrorism,” he said. “It’s the very very very contrary, it’s to promote peace, It’s to deescalate the situation that we’re going through and make sure that our communities are safe.”

ElKoussa was immediately fired from his position at the Miami-based cosmetic dental group, CG Smile.

ElKoussa said he brought his concerns about the flyers to the local police and was told to either put up his own counter-posters or remove the current ones.

He said his actions were motivated after a 71-year-old Illinois landlord fatally stabbed a 6-year-old Muslim boy following the Oct. 7 attacks in Israel.

Yeah, you’re not hearing much about that Jewish hate crime, are you?

See: Man Arrested for “Hate Crime” Stabbing of 6-Year-Old Palestinian Moslem to Death

If I were this guy, I probably would have done the press conference a bit differently.

Or… not done a press conference at all. He ripped down fliers. Maybe just lay low?

ElKoussa and his lawyer, Hassan Shibly (right)