Memetic Monday: Doomed to a Life of Happiness

Illness Revelations be like

Okay, so.

Yeah, I mean.

Literally, huh?

So Anglin.

Today is mostly filler I guess, but there are memes. A couple, at least.

SPOILER: this is the best one:

I ran out of memes from normal sources so I had to buff it with some stuff from normie meme sites. Mostly they are okay; some racist stuff and woman hate (Jew stuff all banned, lol). But they’re very millennial. Like, it’s a lot of stuff about cats and war vets.

I’m sitting here thinking like, future history: “As millennials entered middle age, younger generations started cutting off their penises. Millennials could be identified on the internet, because they were really into cats and war vets.”

Btw, millennial: you are middle aged. Don’t be like “bro I’m only 33!” The Bible says “3 score and 10,” meaning you are two years away from the dead center of your allotted lifespan (yeah, you might live longer than that but you’ll probably be a zombie). Please consider this. Also, the war vet shit is gay. Cat stuff I like.

Strangely, zoomers appear to have just melded into millennialism, probably without the war vet stuff. I think normal zoomers had a “woah, hey – yikes” when others in their age group started with the dick-chopping and were like “yeah, I’m just gonna go over with these middle-aged men looking at pictures of cats.” I think they still play Fortnite though, which is a tranny game.

Anyway, found this on a normie meme site:

Over a thousand likes on a site that makes you sign in (no one is signing into a meme site with their email – or rather, if a thousand people are doing that, there have to be 999,000 who are not).

I guess my talking points are simmering into the culture? Or did people just start noticing the same things I was noticing? Hard to know.


I don’t really have anything funny to write here. I can’t tell if that thing about millennials, cats, and war vets is funny. It wasn’t meant to be. I was just observing. That thing I wrote about Ron DeSantis is so funny to me though.

Anyway, yeah, should be a big week. These memes took forever, so right now the site is mostly filler.

Check back every 15 minutes or so as the Illness Revelations continue as we count down to my looming death.


Editor’s Pick of the Week:


Shoutout to my friend who’s back on the meme scene. He’s the guy who invented memes, and is a treasure to the Antisemitic Meme Industrial Complex. The real ones will notice his work below.

He made me this:

Maybe he’s trying to give me words of encouragement as I stand on the precipice of a looming brain tumor.

But, hey – it’s like they used to say:

Faggot middle-aged millennials be like “oh, I feel like I’m getting old,” like a fat bitch that needs someone to tell her she’s not fat. Like nigga, bitch ass, getting old means you’re winning – you’re getting closer to the exit.

I’ll take four (4) weeks and with a tumor any day over another 30 more years of this bullshit. Come on. Grow up.

Also, shoutout to this kid:

Hang in there, bro.

Suffering makes you stronger.

(Also, you have to respect your mother, even though I’m sure she is a true hardcore whore. It’s in the Bible. You’ll feel better. Filial piety is objective number one.)

The primo collection:


That didn’t end on a high note.

Oh well.

There’s always tomorrow. Unless you have a brain tumor.

Wait, that’s a good point.

Can I used totally forced memes to rectify this?

Our Hero is back this week with a new friend, a beaver named Bobby Brown. They went to Mexico for the weekend because rape is legal there and the age of consent is different*.

But they just showed back up at the compound, out of breath and laughing.

I asked if they were fleeing charges for sex crimes, and they told me yet again: “There are no sex crimes in Mexico.”

They explained that they’d robbed a taco stand.

While we were having lunch, Bobby Brown said: “Stolen tacos just taste better.”

I have to agree.


*Me on break planning to write the same joke for the 6,000,000th time:*