Member of Jew Cabinet Says He Wants to Nuke Gaza

I think this proves the point I have been trying to make about nuclear radiation not being a big deal.

The Jew may have gone insane, but he’s not so insane he’s going to poison himself with Fallout-type radiation.

It has to be fake.

Or the Jew was just joking. People used to leak Trump statements that were obvious jokes. I know something about this issue of purposefully misinterpreting jokes as serious statements myself, actually. If you can believe it, people have done that to me before.

Either way, the nuke thing is a hoax.

I don’t mean nukes are fake. I’ve heard people allege that, but I couldn’t understand how nuclear power would be real if that were the case (it seems like if it can create energy, it can create a bomb, no?).

My assertion – hark ye! – is that nuclear fallout is not that big of a deal. It’s probably no more radiation than you experience on an international flight.

The Guardian:

The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has disciplined a junior member of his cabinet who appeared to voice openness to the idea of Israel carrying out a nuclear strike on Gaza.

Netanyahu’s office said in a statement that the minister concerned – heritage minister Amihai Eliyahu from a far-right party in the coalition government – had been suspended from cabinet meetings “until further notice”.

Asked in a radio interview about a hypothetical nuclear option, Eliyahu replied: “That’s one way.” His remark made headlines in Arab media and scandalised mainstream Israeli broadcasters.

I don’t even… I don’t know that it is a way.

The way would be to flood the tunnels with nerve gas. I don’t really think they will do that, but that is the only possible way they could remove Hamas from Gaza, outside of negotiations.

According to figures from the Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza, 9,500 Palestinians have been killed in the war, stirring widening international concern at Israel’s tactics.

Neither Eliyahu nor his party leader are in the streamlined ministerial forum – the war cabinet – running the Gaza war. Neither would they have inside knowledge of Israel’s nuclear capabilities – which it does not publicly acknowledge – or the power to activate them.

Netanyahu’s office said: “Eliyahu’s statements are not based in reality. Israel and the IDF (military) are operating in accordance with the highest standards of international law to avoid harming innocents. We will continue to do so until our victory.”


These Jews just make you sick.

I would have so much more respect for Bibi if he was like “yeah so basically, we’re just going to kill everyone.”

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.