Massive Anti-Israel Protest in London, Police Threatening to Arrest Everyone

The entirety of the West is hellbent on outlawing any and all protests in support of Palestinians.

This is the new biggest ever battle for freedom of speech.

Germany and France have already point-blank made it illegal to even fly a Palestinian flag, let alone rally in the streets against this new brutal Jewish war.

The UK has always had slightly more freedom than Europe, though they’re going to figure out a way to make it illegal to support Palestine. Various lawmakers have already said that anyone who doesn’t support Jews totally genociding Gaza is a terrorist.

All the previous censorship campaigns have been leading up to this. The crackdown on anti-Jew protests is going to make the crackdown on vax/mask protests look like patty cakes.

New York Post:

Thousands of demonstrators waving Palestinian flags and demanding Israel stop its military attack on Gaza marched in London Saturday — while police threatened to arrest anyone showing support for the Hamas terrorist group.

Marchers holding signs reading “Free Palestine” and “End the Massacre” began at Oxford Circus near the BBC News world headquarters and planned to walk to British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s official resident on Downing Street.

The protesters railed against the US and UK governments for their support of Israel, despite earlier police warnings that anyone with a flag indicating support for Hamas or any other terrorist groups would be arrested, the Times of Israel reported.

That apparently includes the Palestine flag, by the way.

Palestine = Hamas in the mind of the ZOG – it’s all just anti-Semites in need of slaughtering, according to these people.

London’s Metropolitan Police Service said it planned to have more than 1,000 officers at the rally.

I think all just people around the world, not just in Britain, must stand up and call for this madness (to end),” Ismail Patel, chairman of the Friends of Al-Aqsa campaign, said at the demonstration.

Otherwise, in the next few days, (we) might see a catastrophe unfolding.”

Catastrophe is already unfolding, my Arabian friend.

The Jews have been loosed upon the world!

Now is the time to stand and fight!

Never slacken!

Never tire!

After the Jews are finished with the Palestinians, they’re coming for all of us!

Remember that: we are all Palestinians to these Jews!

They will slaughter us just the same when they get the chance!


Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.