Macron Wants EU to Guarantee the Right to Dismember Babies in the Womb

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France is at the front of attempting to start a world war with Russia.

But the real issue is that we need more abortions.


French President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday that he wants the European Union to guarantee the right to an abortion in its Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Macron was speaking at a ceremony held in Paris, where Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti used a centuries-old press to seal the right to abortion into the French constitution, following an overwhelming vote by lawmakers on Monday.

Today is not the end of the story but the start of a fight,” Macron told the ceremony, which coincided with International Women’s Day.

We’re going to lead this fight in our continent, in our Europe, where reactionary forces are attacking women’s rights before attacking the rights of minorities,” he told the crowd attending the ceremony in Paris, in front of the Justice Ministry.

This is why I want to enshrine that guaranteed freedom to abortion in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.”

Abortion as a “woman’s right” is not even intuitive. There have been feminist groups that were against it.

What it does is drastically lower the population.

Why would any country want to lower its population?

Even if women are screeching about abortion, every government’s logical response should be to at least push back as much as is politically viable, with as many restrictions as possible.

It’s common sense.

All things being equal, no government should want fewer people being born.