Macron to Jews: “Stop Killing Babies”

This is anti-Semitism, by the IHRC definition.

It’s wild, but we’re here.

It’s all happening, just exactly like I wanted it to.

You know my prayer:



The bombing of civilians in Gaza needs to stop, French President Emmanuel Macron told the BBC in an interview on Friday. 

He was speaking a day after Paris hosted a humanitarian aid conference about the Palestinian enclave.

France “clearly condemns” the Hamas attacks of October 7, Macron said, in reference to the incursion from Gaza by militants in which 1,400 Israelis were murdered. “We do share [Israel’s] pain. And we do share their willingness to get rid of terrorism. We know what terrorism means in France.”

However, he added, there was “no justification” for the ongoing bombing of civilians in Gaza.

“It’s extremely important for all of us, because of our principles, because we are democracies, it’s important for the mid-to-long run, as well for the security of Israel itself, to recognise that all lives matter,” the French president said.

“De facto – today, civilians are bombed – de facto. These babies, these ladies, these old people are bombed and killed. So there is no reason for that and no legitimacy. So we do urge Israel to stop.”

The “clear conclusion” of all the governments and agencies that took part in the conference, the French president said, was “that there is no other solution than first a humanitarian pause, going to a ceasefire, which will allow [us] to protect… all civilians having nothing to do with terrorists.”

Here is the “working definition of anti-Semitism”:

You can try to unravel all of that, but the intention is clear: all criticism of Jews, including all criticism of Israel, is “anti-Semitism,” according to the Jews and the US State Department. You’re definitely not allowed to call them baby-killers.

The president of France just said the same thing the student protesters are saying, and they’ve all been denounced as “anti-Semites” by Shapiro, DeSantis, and the entire Jew Crew.

Basically, everyone in the world is an anti-Semite now, so the term has no meaning.

“Shtetl’s closed.”

What the hell are the Jews doing?

Are they planning to do a fake terrorist attack to try to regain support?

Because that will not work. The liberals will believe me when I say it’s fake, staged by the Jews to gain sympathy.